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  • megiantsfan megiantsfan Sep 17, 2009 4:53 PM Flag

    Did I cheat?

    You seem really upset about this. So I'll ask you, if you are so against this "streaming", why not just stick to leagues that limit roster moves?

    It doesn't have to be right or wrong, does it? It can simply be how we all prefer to play the game.

    I made 4 trades during the season, for the most part stuck with my team throughout. I dropped 4 bench players total to do this. You act like I remade my entire team for the playoffs.

    Oh, and p.s. In real baseball, this time of the year, teams get to expand their rosters 15 players per team. And in every playoff series, they get to adjust which players they want to take to the next round. So stop with the "ethical" crying.

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    • Good sportsmanship is very important to me. Do you really win if you bend the rules or play in a less than ethical manner? Seems you just win a trophy but you lose your morals.

      I don't bother with move limits because fortunately 90% of the leagues Ive played in play with honor and there's no streaming going on. But Ive lost more than a couple playoff games to guys that played straight all season then turned into streamers in the playoffs. I had better teams than they did but I still lost because I didn't take advantage of a loophole in the system.

      Whenever you can show me a team that puts half their pitchers on waivers during the playoffs then you'll have a point. Apples to oranges. Maybe you just need to grow up a little.

    • Very Good point. Its an excuse for people that dont want to check there team everyday or look at waiver wires every day. people get so angry over strtegy that is allowed like you said, if comish does not limit moves or IP ect. also can do a weekly update league so reduce streaming.


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