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  • megiantsfan megiantsfan Sep 14, 2009 4:04 PM Flag

    Did I cheat?

    So I was losing whip, K's and wins and had a slight lead in ERA...

    I decided to risk the ERA lead and go for the other ones and dropped 4 guys on my bench (hitters) and grabbed 4 probables. It paid off, my pickups won me wins,k's whip and lowered my era..

    I won my playoff game. Now, the guy I beat is calling me a cheater and saying it was unethical blah blah blah..

    I'm new to fantasy baseball, was it wrong to do?

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    • See where you Fantasy Baseball team stacks up:

    • Dude, you haven't won since '04. The Astros have even had a better run than you since then. If you're gonna link to your profile, it better be impressive. You did...and its not.

    • Nope all within the rules tell that little bitch to man up.

    • No Way. People are poor losers. Only issue may be if you dropped very good ball players that others may use. This can be blocked if league has List of Players that cannot be dropped. I did the same thing the only season I did Rotisserie. I hate this format because You play the categories and not the players. Points is so much better. Should try that format next year.

    • The fact your asking if you cheated is almost an admission of guilt in my book. I thought bout doing the same thing but didn't because i wouldn't want anyone to do it to me.

      I wouldn't officially call it cheating because there's no rule against it, but come on..............................

    • That is called managing your team. Were you supposed to keep the exact same players in for every game all season despite how they were playing or even if they were hurt? Your job is to make the proper changes based on your current situation. Congratulations for winning it all.

    • Why don't streamers play in streamer leagues? Because they can only stream if they're the only one in the league doing it. Streamers are cockroaches.

    • No , you did not cheat. You managed your team within the rules set up in your league, and did a fantastic job.
      If what you did is not allowed, then it should be set up so that you can only make so many changes per week
      I plaayed in a league this year that only allowed one add on per week, even when you had an injured player. It worked fine, because every one knew the rules ahead of time. .

    • I'm not crazy about streaming myself but in larger leagues (18-20 teams) I feel the success/fail rate of the tatic is 30/70. So I don't have any rules in place in my free leagues to combat it, but I do frown on it since I feel it isn't in the spirit of the game. However most of my teams have minimal hitters on the bench, like or one or at most two and the rest are starting pitchers so this is the same as how I normally run. I do this because it is far easier to predict when a starter will have a impact day then a hitter. How often do you have big days from bats on the bench because they aren't needed in your regular lineup.

      Now in my Plus league I have a gentleman's agreement to not stream and some rules/penalties to enforce it. I don't like setting transaction limits or innings limits. In the league one must first be accussed of streaming then have three more people agree that they're streaming before any action happens. I find the threat of action generally prevents anything that you don't want to happen provided you have the right managers in place.

      I also always want the best teams to win and not the ones that happen to have the most free roster spaces.

      Another way to combat this is to turn the league into a near full roster keeper league.

      M. If you read this I'm forming a few new leagues and would be intersted in having you join them, from what I've read you seem to have the qualities that I generally look for. Shoot me a email at schellis@hotmail.com if you are interested.

    • streaming actually is cheating its like back in the steroid era when steroids werent against the rules but it was still considered cheating

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