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  • Floyd Floyd Sep 13, 2009 9:14 PM Flag

    this is sad

    i was winning my matchup 8-2 and good leads in categories going into td but last night he added 5 starters off waivers that were pitching td and added 4 players playing in the doubleheader he now won the matchup 6-4..see i actually go out saturday so i couldnt do anything about it yahoo has gotta make a new rules its bs

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    • See where you Fantasy Baseball team stacks up:

    • however bobby cox on wednesday night pulled chipper jones. he used that vacancy to put in the following guys: peter moylan, Eric O'Flaherty, greg norton, mike gonzalez, and raphel soriano.

      is the following example a form of streaming? yea or nay?

      tim hudson was replaced by infante...did bobby cox stream?

      there are other (national league prim.) examples of this action. however i keep seeing "streaming is evil"..."streaming is wrong" and "streaming devalues either A) the draft or B) starting pitching.

      *sigh....im gonna listen to the nats game....discuss*

    • The only thing I have to say to you guys that do not like streaming. You had a chance to review the rules before joining the leagues right, then if the league settings supported streaming as in no innings limit or max acquisitions , then all i have to say is, It is your fault, quit crying about this issue.. Remember it is your fault for joining a league that the settings support streaming. thank you good day.....

    • If your still running in your league then pickup some of the guys he dropped, chances are he'll try to get some of his old guys back. That might screw him.

    • He must have dropped a whole bunch of players off his roster to do this, right? If he had any consistent/decent players on his team you can then grab a few of them off waivers and enhance your team for future matchups.

      Unless of course you're already in the playoffs and got eliminated by this guy, in which case: tough beans. It sucks, but if you play in a league that allows managers to do that then you need to be prepared to use every little loophole in the league settings that you can, because as you've already noted other managers are not shy about exploiting the settings at all.

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      • nothing sad or cheating about this, if your league allows unlimited amount of moves, then that is the rules, he followed the rules... He was in a hole and dug himself out by playing by the settings that was setup for your league. I am 100% sure you would have done the same thing, heck anyone would if the rules allowed them to avoid losing like this...

      • The Abbot Of Costello The Abbot Of Costello Sep 24, 2009 11:03 AM Flag

        Thanks much Brian for the levity. That's the first answer I read here that's both correct AND accurate. The bottom line is that streaming wins championships. There's no sense in whining about it! If it is an option available to everyone in your league(s) then you owe it to yourself to be as proactive as the opposing manager who is using the strategy to beat you.

    • Although I have managed to beat every team who takes this approach, it is annoying as this is the biggest fantasy of them all. There is some pride behind properly drafting, trading, claiming talented pitchers, sticking to it, and winning with them.

      To claim that someone is outmanaging anyone by simply dumping and addding pitchers that are due to pitch the following day is pure nonsense and nothing strategic about it.

    • Yeah I pretty much did the same thing and ended up winning by one point.

      2 of my leagues have weekly limits, and I think it's a smarter way to go about it... But if there isn't one i'm gonna do whatever it takes to win.

      Believe me though, streaming doesn't always work. It's a gamble.

    • You got out-managed. If you have a problem with that kind of a thing, play in leagues that set a low maximum transactions limit. If a team is good enough to make the playoffs and save the transactions, then that is just good managing.

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      • That's why I love Double Headers and Streaming. lol

        I did the exact same thing and coming into today was down 6-4 with him winning ERA so even if I overtook him or tied one category he'd have still won. But thanks to streaming a couple of starters and about 5 guys in the DH's today I ended up taking Saves and K's and wond 5-4 and as a result advanced all 7 of my playoff teams to the next round including the 3 that were on bye this week.

    • lol its not funny in the leagues i play with co-workers we call it stat padding and on playoff weeks we limit pickups to 2 a week and no pickups after thursday night that stopped the stat padding but it does suck for u sorry man other manager needs to learn how to play ball

    • Sounds like you've just been out-managed.

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