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  • Alec Alec Aug 11, 2009 11:13 PM Flag

    wow guys what a class act youk is am i right

    i mean not only does he give angry stars that r supposed to b "intimadating" to ppl that could beat him up but he charges the mound to a pitcher that had no intention of starting anythign he was just protecting miguel who if was there would have wrecked youkilis, and he throws his helmet at him i mean come on what is he 5

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    • I just wanna see some pitcher beat the living s!@# out of either mark teixcera or johnny damon.All the smiles from those two last sunday pissed me off.

    • And the best part about this whole brawl. Porcello took him down lmao

    • I hate the yankees and even I think it Youk is a big bitch

    • There's no doubt that Youk is one of the biggest pricks in the game. Now that he plays most of his games at first I wonder what type of conversations he has with opposing players. There is usually some type of banter between the first baseman, runner, and coach but Youk is such a dick I wonder if anyone bothers to talk to him.

    • everyone can talk about who's team is better blah blah...youk=demolished by 21 year old...big papi=juice head now that has stopped and cant hit for shit...yes the yankees have done them and honestly im sure more than half the league or more has taken some sort of supplement to enhance their game. overall boston sucks, chicago is even worse, and the yankees will once again start their dynasty all over again and beat out every one i the AL and win the world series...so shut the fuck up...

    • FYI, people (especially Junkees fans), Rick Porcello may seem like a "scrawny kid" on TV, but just look him up. The rookie is 6'5, 200 pounds. That is not a small man by any stretch of the imagination (I would know, I'm about 5'8 and about a buck seventy five). By comparison, Youkilis is only 6'1, though he weighs 220.

      Porcello would throw all of us to the ground if we ran at him, too. LOL.

    • youk got slammed by a rook lol

    • I hate to say it, but Youk's explosion may have been just what the doctor ordered to ignite the Red Sox: they've now scored 15 runs in 2 games after scoring just 2 runs in the final three games (33 innings) in New York. Mike Lowell- who replaced Youk after the ejection- is 5-for-7 with 3 HR and Jason Bay is 5-for-7 with 2 HR and 2 2B.

      Maybe Youk should've thrown his helmet at CC on Saturday. Sparked the Red Sox that much sooner. :-P

      We could've had a split!

    • like Drew said all this is worthless, Yankees fans are all whinny, all Boston fans are belligerent (me being one of them), Detroit has gotten too little out of a lot talent!!l this is all cause no one, allows fighting in baseball anymore, too much money at stake, which is direct result of overpaid players. At Youks defense how many times in the last 2 years has he been beaned an not retaliated (6-3 times by Joba)??? Porcello was only doing what Leyland TOLD him to do, per the pitch at Martinez. An Youk obviously has no football experience, he forgot to break down an explode through the hips like your taught in Pop Warner! It's a damn game life goes on, still have 50 games too go, GROW UP!!!!!!!!

    • You moron, he threw at him and he was thrown at yesterday. Both should be suspended.

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