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  • Swiggs Swiggs Aug 5, 2009 4:48 PM Flag

    Look At These Hitters...

    The trade deadline in my league is next week and I just made my final move. Check out my lineup of batters in a 13 team league. Here's hoping they help me make a run...

    C - Kurt Suzuki
    1B - Mark Teixeira
    2B - Dustin Pedroia
    SS - Hanley Ramirez
    3B - Evan Longoria
    OF - Raul Ibanez
    OF - Ichiro Suzuki
    OF - Andrew McCutchen
    Util - Gordon Beckam
    BN - Torii Hunter
    BN - Garrett Jones

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    • Suzuki, Jones, Mccuthchen are you weak points. Hopefully the rest carry you through.


    • try and sell high on garret jones

    • ur pitching must suck if u can have this kind of hitting in a 13 team league

    • If you use traditional stats, I'm sure these guys will be fine as they tend to get a lot of hits, RBIs and runs.

      But overall, from an overall offensive standpoint, here is my assessment:

      One of the worst offensive full-time catchers in MLB.

      A top 5 or 6 first-baseman, depending on how Lance Berkman comes back.

      Besides Utley, one of the only 2Bs worth having. Pretty solid.

      By far the best SS, and a top 5 player overall.

      Weird that you would slot Beckham at UTIL - wouldn't you rather a bigger bat there? He's good, but most valuable if you can use him at SS.

      A top 5 third baseman. Not bad.

      For your OF, you have a top 20 outfielder (Ibanez), a top 25 (Hunter - he will not OPS .950 for the rest of the year), a top 40 (Ichiro), and then McCutchen who is solid but not likely to put up a near .850 OPS for the rest of the year.

      Garrett Jones is not that great - I'd trade him before his value dips any lower. Maybe package him with someone else and get an upgrade for your outfield somehow Or find someone better on waivers - an underrated power OF bat, or maybe a solid, overlooked pitcher.

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      • For the most part, I agree with your assessment. The catcher position is thin for fantasy this year. In my points league, Suzuki is 4th behind Mauer, V-Mart, and Sandoval (with the latter 2 having multi position eligibility).

        1B is a deep position this year, Teixeira is currently 4th in points playing in that lefty friendly ballpark. I like.

        I thought about going after Kinsler here, but the injury scared me away. Dustin should be solid. Currently 5th at 2B.

        Hanley is a beast and Longoria has been slumping. But I'm betting Evan pulls himself together.

        If you annualized McCutchen's numbers, he'd be a top 15 OF in a points league. Either way, he's probably headed to the bench when Hunter returns. I'll take Ibanez in that Philly lineup and Ichiro is consistent. OF is my weakest position but I've made a living this year picking up guys while their hot. OF's are a dime a dozen.

        Beckham is at utility because he's been on fire as of late. 12th best hitter in points over the last month. The FA list for batters is slim. I'm trying to move Jones but must of the owners in my league are content for the long haul, which doesn't give me many options.

    • I'd trade Garrett Jones before it's too late.

    • Oh, Hunter will definitely get back in the lineup. I've been patiently waiting for his return. McCutchen did give me 23 points on Saturday though. :)

      Ibanez and Suzuki for Mauer isn't enough value. Suzuki plays just about every night and is a solid catcher. Ibanez is a beast on a great hitting team in a lefty friendly ballpark. My OF is the weakest part of my team, but it still isn't bad.

    • first of all, i will kill you if you dont put hunter in when he is back
      second of all, trade something like kurt suzuki and ibanez for joe mauer and adam jones, or something similar


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