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  • Chevy Man 22 Chevy Man 22 Jul 31, 2009 12:25 AM Flag

    Canseco Says There Is A HOF'er That Took Roids

    he won't name names but I'm betting it's Henderson because they played together and he's never mentioned this before so coensidence it comes out the weekend after Henderson goes in the HOF ?

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    • I think even though the power numbers were not there, longevity was, I believe its Wade Boggs. Remember he played for several teams and Canseco and him, have crossed paths. Steroids can make your career last longer.

    • i hate canseco!!! he snitches on everybody. he should be wacked already for snitching sooooo much

    • My sources say it was Rizutto.

    • you may not like him. but i can say nobody has proved him a liar that i know of on steriods. he may be a prick like he was when he played. He is just trying to live. see he spoke truth what was it 108 guys on report considering that year of testing. there like only 300 players in mlb that year that starts the season maybe another 100 so it is not like it was just 10 or 20 players. I wish people would ok that they used steriods when alot of people did ad put astricks o n their names and put another kind of asterick for the greenues pills that alot of hof used. If they are not elected to hof i am not sure why babe ruth was. Babe ruth was a great hitter don't get me wrong and a good sp if stats would convert to modern times. His era was under 3.00 i believe and pitched several years. But he would come to the games drunk on occassion. I beat you that would not be accepted in modern days what a way to lead your teammates. I think a hall of famer has to be a leader but e can lead by example but not talk much or he can talk to young players. What a crock for him in hall of fame. shouldd be call hall of shame.

    • canseco's a jack ass, i really dont believe anything that prick says, i think having that baseball bounce off his head in that one game for a homerun messed up like half his brain cells

    • not sure about henderson. he was totally quick but alll the steriod user that i have seen seem to bulk up for hrs. but henderson made it by speed but got made for pop. but the thought came up there to. Was rice and eddie murray playing during steriod years not sure else comes in my mind what about ripken or dave winfield.


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