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  • I am currently in 1st place by 16 points in a public league with 12 teams.

    I am winning all the Pitching categories except W and Ks but I am currently on pace to finish 111.1 IP short of the max. Are these I have 5 SP and 5 RP.

    Are these guys going to be able to catch me up to the max IP and get more W and Ks, [b]and[/b] put up the numbers to keep me at the top in the other categories.

    Nolasco added a couple starts back
    Harden been injured and not pitching great
    Wandy way undervalued IMO


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    • I would drop one of those relievers for another SP.

      Just do a search for who has the most wins of the available pitchers then out of those guys who has the most innings pitched so far. Don't worry about ERA or Whip the guys you have now will more than make up for any bloopers the new guy might have.

    • I hate just dropping closers in a public league. Those guys almost always have value, unless everyone else is asleep. See if you can trade a closer for a starter. Your only other option would be to drop a hitter (or Rich Harden, I guess) and "stream" starters-- go grab the best available starter who is pitching the next day, drop him as soon as he pitches and pick up someone else. That will boost your K numbers (and probalby your wins, but you never know with that category), but it could wreck your ERA/WHIP.


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