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  • ron mexico ron mexico Jul 11, 2009 10:45 AM Flag

    huge trade need help asap!!!!!!

    5x5 scoring. h2h league.

    I trade lance berkman, hanley ramierz and sandoval for russel martin, stephen drew and albert pujols.

    Here is my roster. should i do it please helpand explain.

    martin prado
    franklin gutierrez
    jason kubel
    adam jones
    luke scott
    nelson cruz
    ryan ludwick
    kendry morales.

    I traded all my pitching away to boost up the roseter. Im just spamming them right now.

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    • yes do it that is a good trade

    • If you make this trade you are a fool. Here is why. You are downgrading at 2 positions; C and SS. You are only upgrading at one position and your upgrade is NOT large enough. Martin is not the same player this year and even if he does improve, it will not be enough to make up for how great a hitter Sandoval is. Hanley Ramirez is arguably the most important fantasy player in the game, so it would be foolish to trade him for Pujols, especially when Berkman is one of the top 1B already. Drew will play better in the second half but he will not come anywhere close to HanRam's or even Berkman's numbers.
      You could also think about it this way. Overall this year, Hanley, Berkman and Sandoval are all top 60 players overall. Pujols is number one overall, but Drew and Martin don't even crack the top 400!
      Here's one final thing for you to remember. Hanley is the top SS in fantasy baseball, Sandoval is the number two catcher behind Mauer and while Berkman may not even crack the top 10 in 1B, he is still a top 60 player this year. You'd be giving ALL of that up for the number one player at a stacked position, the number 13 catcher (you can find better producing catchers as free agents, the guy is only going to be an under-performing headache for you) and a SS who can be found as a free agent in many leagues (he's only 70 % owned and like Martin, will be a big headache for you most of the time).

    • Sorry I meant to say Lance rather than Ethier I guess I wish I had Ethier on my time

    • Tempting everyone wants Pujols right now. I say don't do it Ethier is good espicially with Manny protecting him. Sandoval if I have to tell you why you shouldn't trade him you shouldn't be playing FB. MOST IMPORTANTLY HANRAM IS A BEAST!!!! With the AS break he'll get the time to rest those ailments.In this trade your giving up 2 Fantasy studs (Ethier is close) for 1 Fantasy stud. Don't do it

    • yes make the trade!

    • do not do it

      you have the best ss in the game who will provide more power over second half. You already have berkman so what are you really getting 10 to 15 more homers at the position. If you lose Hanley you will lose more than 10 to 15 homers at ss...

      Martin is not looking so good and his avg continues to decline every year.

      • 1 Reply to mayhem
      • What is wrong with you? How can you say Martin's average has declined EVERY year? He's playing in his fourth season. His average went UP after his first year. This season isn't over yet, so the only season his average has gone down in was last year. That's ONE year. Not EVERY year.
        By the way, read my other post and don't make such a foolish trade!

    • no way man hanley is to good at ss. no need to trade him to improve a strong position as 1b. I alwayd think it is better to have elite ss and 2b rather than elite 1b.

    • uhhhh...no thanks. Pujols is great, but no need to 1. put all your eggs in one basket 2. blow your season. 3. give up Hanley! No way.

    • Yes Do it as you are getting the best player in Pujols,Martin is starting to bounce back now, and Drew is a decent fill in.


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