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  • first of all it doesnt have to due wt. production it has to do wt. who everybody favors and arods one of the most hated and i dont wanna hear this roids shit 90% of the mlb is on roids they just didnt get caught you honestly mean to tell me that pujols isnt on roids hes one of my favorite players but come one i highly doubt he isnt but hes great and arod is very talented and longoria slowed down alottttt arods is the most talented third basemen besides d-wright obv. arod has better stats and all but david wright is the best third basemen in the league

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    • Yeah, it does have to do with production. The managers pick their own team after the fans choose their starters. Alot of them have said that they choose players based on their performance thus far in the year...i.e. Torre this year...etc. So it's not a popularity contest after the starters man...sorry you want it to be.

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      • it is a popularity contest but the managers just decide who they want to start and who they want to start is who they like so therefore its mostly a popularity contest arod shouldnt be on you say hes doin nuttin well for someone thats playin just a month in a half hes doin better then most players that have been playin the whole year

    • "arod has better stats and all but david wright is the best third basemen in the league"

      If ARod's stats are better how can Wright be better?
      And besides, he's in the NL, that's a different league.


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