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  • Aaron Aaron Jun 25, 2009 9:54 AM Flag

    Pujols trade?

    Teams are starting to pitch around him a lot more. In my league, and we all live in St. Louis, but there is no way I could get 2 top 5 picks for him right now.

    The Mets just proved if you walk him he does nothing. The Royals have yet to figure this out and a guy that is 8 for 8 with 25 RBIs wiht the bases loaded since late last year is going to get walked someday even with the bases loaded.

    He is going to only be getting 1 - 2 ABs each game, until trade dead lines. This is why all Cards fans want them to pursue M. Tejada. The Cards are currently against giving up young talent, but that would give him a perfect protector.


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