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  • Chevy Man 22 Chevy Man 22 Jun 22, 2009 3:14 PM Flag

    looking for a serious commish

    I've been doing Fantasy since 2005 and I'd very much like to give this a shot.

    I'm not the type of commish that's gonna BS with folks and change the rules mid-season on you. The way I'd handle vetoes is I would put it to a vote to see what the league thinks but ultimate final decision would be mine. You don't have to worry about me being one of those power hungry commishioners who will vetoe anything that doesn't favor me or vice versa only approve trades that would benefit me. I'm fairly set in my opinion that unless a trade is grossly just way out of this world then I'm probably gonna let it go through. Yes from time to time you get some bad trades where someone is getting taken but you never gonna learn from your mistakes if you aren't allowed to make them.

    I'm currently in a keeper league this is my 3rd year after taking over for a dead team so I know how a keeper should be run and how it shouldn't. The one I'm in I think is a bit crowded with 16 teams and 22 positions on each team so I probably wouldn't suggest a keeper league with more than 10 players 12 max or it just doesn't give the folks who teams are struggling a chance to pick up any help on the FA market and you end up with the same teams winning or being at the top every single year and the rest just lose interest so you've got to keep the number of teams at a optimum level so there will be some decent guy on the FA market to choose from.

    I would meet with all the managers probably a week before the season starts either on the league page or through MSN or Yahoo messenger or even a Yahoo Group page to decide on what rules we would have and everything would be put to a vote with majority rule being the final decision because you can't and won't ever please everyone all the time and when you try to do that things get ugly and feelings get hurt so I've always found majority vote works best.

    So if your interested shoot me a e-mail at Yankee_Pride@yahoo.com or that's also my Yahoo Messenger address.

    thanks for your consideration

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