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  • Daryn Daryn Jun 22, 2009 1:04 AM Flag

    Only 1 DL spot.......

    I am in first place in my 12 man H2H league, however I have 2 DL pitchers now WEBB (i read might be done for the season), and Bedard who just went on DL. Should i just drop Webb i am losing patience with this Wuss its been the whole season and he is still not back and i only have room for one DL

    My other SPs are Lee,Oswalt,Petitte,Bedard,Duke,Wandy Rod,

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    • wuss lmao! From what I've read he might not pitch do to the fact that AZ backed off of his contract extension. Of course teh official reason is injury. I don't blame him he has been nothing but a work horse for AZ for the last few years and this is how they repay him? Forget the whole HOme town discount look what happened to Glavine.

    • Drop Webb. I just did.

    • You are saying Webb is a wuss because he is not pitching while being injured? Does that mean if you broke your leg and had to get a cast and use crutches so you could heal that you are a wuss? Well according to you YES IT DOES. The experts felt rest and rehab could prevent a potential season ending surgery so that is the approach they took. If you think Webb would rather sit around and not play ball you are an idiot. I think being on the DL is killing him inside. He is a competitor and the most consistant pitcher of recent years. The past three seasons, he placed 1st and 2nd in the Cy Young Award ballots. The last player to be that consistant was Randy Johnson from 1999 to 2002 when he won 4 in a row, and the last time before that was in the early 90's. So the next time you have to call in to work because you are too sick to make it, consider yourself a wuss because by your standards you would be.

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      • Nicely put Rocker. It is not like he is out doing other activities that require the same motion repetition and still not playing like a certain NBA player did early in his career with the Portland Trailblazers, not gonna mention any names but his initials were Bill Walton. Most Blazer fans hated him until he finally played his first full season and Portland won the World Championship.
        So Mr. Holier then Though, the next time you cannot perform any task, consider yourself a wuss, and until that time consider yourself a COMPLETE LOSER IN LIFE!!!


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