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  • D D Jun 7, 2009 1:09 PM Flag

    should i veto these trades

    are you high or just a really big white sox fan?

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    • I'm a Twins fan... which would mean if anything I'd be high on Mauer.

      You're completely missing the point here. Team A needs a C, Team B needs a SP... BOTH teams are improving themselves in this trade. It is not collusion, so even though it is unfair, it should not be vetoed.

      Have you really never been in a league where the commish vetoes every trade that seems a little one sided? Do you not know how much that makes fantasy NOT fun?

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      • 1. I think that you're high on pot, not Mauer
        2. If team A needs a pitcher so bad, why are they giving up the better pitcher in the trade. I know the Buehrle (or however the hell you spell it) is a good pitcher, but Lester is younger and on the far superior team, if it was just Buehrle for Mauer then I'd say let it slide, but when the team who needs a pitcher is giving up Lester, along with Mauer, for Buehrle then I begin to think that there is something wrong. I know vetoes suck, but really, even if there is no collusion, veto it just to protect the other player


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