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  • JSusie JSusie May 18, 2009 1:16 AM Flag

    Ughhh, I can't decide on this trade...

    I dont know what kind of league you're in, but it doesnt really look like you need anymore starting pitching. Your relievers are really shallow with Pervical, Morrow, and Bailey. Price will only be helpful if you're a sure bet to get in the playoffs. If you're 15 games out of a playoff spot by the time he's called up, he wont do you any good. Sabathia is solid and hopefully gets stronger as season goes on, like last year.

    If you're in a head to head, you're going to be losing SB every week anyways since you have zero players with speed (aside from Kinsler), so Ellsbury wont help you much.

    I wouldnt accept that trade if I was in your position. I'd be more concerned about my relievers. Bailey & Morrow both could lose their closer jobs at any second (like Morrow did friday) and Percival is a DL stint waiting to happen.


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