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    I am in a league with $100 entry fee and $1200 prize pool. Last week there was a trade in my league that did not involve me or the commish ... it was A-Rod and Scott Baker for Josh Beckett and Javier Vasquez

    I voiced my opinion on the message board regarding the trade, but did not encourage anybody to veto as long as both teams in the trade were trying to improve their teams needs, even if it didn't look fair on paper. After my message, there were a few teams that vetoed the trade on the message board

    The commish seemed upset that I started a commotion and he insulted me, so I insulted him back. After an exchange of insults, the commish locked all of my access to the league (trade, roster changes, add/drop, message board, email league, etc). A few members of the league voluntarily urged the commish on the message board to restore me in the league, as I did not obstruct the game in any way for me to be kicked out. The commissioner has ignored any pleas from league members to restore me in the league

    I feel that if the commish can't handle a round of trash talk which he initiated himself, then he should block me from posting on the message board (which I still feel is an abuse of power), but he has no right to take my entry fee and prevent me from playing the game

    I emailed Yahoo Sports a few times, but all I received was a series of automated responses that did not specifically pertain to the issue I am dealing with, and basically Yahoo cant interfere in private league matters after the draft has been conducted

    I am temporarily withholding the commissioners name and information in case he comes to his senses and restores me in the league. In the meantime, I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions on how to deal with this matter

    I can no longer dispute my entry fee via PayPal since 45 days passed since the payment. I can file a complaint with different government consumer protection agencies that deal with online fraud, though none of that will actually restore me in the league

    Does anybody have any other recommendations? Thanks for your time!

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    • You are SOL

      You are gambling online

      Which is illegal

      I would never play online and send money to someone I never met

      Thats your fault

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      • I understand that im screwed and I made a mistake by sending money to a stranger over the internet

        Even if I can forget about my season and money, what is my best course of action to take so that the commissioner doesn't get away without any ramifications?

        I have his name and email


        His name is David Gentry
        Yahoo user name : MBIII MVP

        He is a 24 year old male from Nottingham, Midlands
        United Kingdom

      • Sorry but its not online gambling. You obviously have no clue what are you talking about as there are other US sites that do fanatsy sports with a entry fee or team fee.
        Thats why its not gambling, you pay a entry fee to be able to join, then based on how well you perform you can win a monitary prize at the end. Thats not considered gambling.

    • confront the other league members via email and see if they can help you at least get back in the league if not get your money back. then let everyone in the world know everything you know about this douche bag.

      we jar at each other every week in my league. me and this guy i dont even know like wanted blood by the end of last season but no fucking person is ever going to prevent one of us from continuing on in the game........

      good luck

    • You should have known that this would happen when you 1. sent money over the Internet and 2. when you started playing fantasy baseball with a dude in the UK, they don't even know what the hell baseball is in the UK, they just wanted your money all along. In fact I wouldn't be shocked if it was just one guy with a bunch of teams in the league that he owns and he's just screwing with you by arguing amongst himself.

    • Your money is well gone. Some people make their money by doing all kinds of scams on the internet. Money fantasy league is just one of them.

    • You're retarded for sending out $100 to someone you don't even know. This is the f'n internet dude, wake up!

    • Give me his email...I will let him know whatsup

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      • requiem-for-a-dream@hotmail.co.uk

        His name is David Gentry
        Yahoo user name : MBIII MVP

        I appreciate all the help from everybody. Im not looking to cause any trouble. I just want this guy to know that he can not steal money from his members and there can be a rational resolution to every dispute. It is really not worth the headache of screwing one of your league members out of money for a couple of ounces of personal satisfaction because it will certainly damage your reputation as an honorable and trustworthy commissioner

    • Save some money, fly to England and show him whats what

    • the last guy sounds like a bleedking heart liberal I say e take him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • If you are looking for a paid league, I suggest using CBS Sportsline since they use a central account for the funds that is controlled by the website itself, not any one member to ensure security and protection for all members involved. When you give money through PayPal to a person, unfortunately there is no getting it back. PayPal and Yahoo don't treat it as paying for a service, they treat it as you giving him the money and if he screws you oh well... sorry man.

    • Tell the comissioner you are sorry. Tell him you know he's a reasonable and forgiving person, etc. (who cares if you actually mean it) you trust he'll restore your team . From there, shut up (since he has the money), and get him back by raping him in the standings.

      If that doesn't work, send a private msg/email to each person in the league. Tell them that it could happen to them too and that he might steal their money. Ask them to complain about it, and to threaten to take their money back.

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