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  • A Yahoo! User May 15, 2009 4:07 PM Flag


    You are SOL

    You are gambling online

    Which is illegal

    I would never play online and send money to someone I never met

    Thats your fault

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    • Sorry but its not online gambling. You obviously have no clue what are you talking about as there are other US sites that do fanatsy sports with a entry fee or team fee.
      Thats why its not gambling, you pay a entry fee to be able to join, then based on how well you perform you can win a monitary prize at the end. Thats not considered gambling.

    • I understand that im screwed and I made a mistake by sending money to a stranger over the internet

      Even if I can forget about my season and money, what is my best course of action to take so that the commissioner doesn't get away without any ramifications?

      I have his name and email


      His name is David Gentry
      Yahoo user name : MBIII MVP

      He is a 24 year old male from Nottingham, Midlands
      United Kingdom

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      • I agree that sending $100 over the computer to a stranger was the stupid thing for me to do, but I enjoy playing the game and took $100 chance b/c I knew the league would be more competitive with $1200 in the prize pool

        I am ready to take my $100 loss, but Im not ready to give up the fight and let this scumbag get away with it

        Something has to be done. I posted this guys email address after patiently waiting for 5 days to in case he would restore me, but strangely this thread died down after I posted his name and email

        I am hoping that a couple of emails with a comment or 2 from anonymous yahoo members who are not in our league would do the trick

        I appreciate all the help I am getting. Once again, here is the info of the commissioner who took my entry fee and locked me from playing in the league

        David Gentry

        I am not a member of myspace or any other social networks, but if anybody who has myspace can drop a line on his myspace comments, that would be awesome for all his friends to know what kind of scammer he is. Thanks