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  • brlebu brlebu May 5, 2009 12:59 PM Flag

    Yahoo apologists

    "You can now sit down and let the adults speak."

    Good one.

    If you're that upset with Yahoo, leave.

    I'm sick of all the people here who bash Yahoo and talk about how ESPN and CBS are so much better, but then they never leave. They come back day after day and year after year.

    So what's the draw? If Yahoo is so horrible, why does everyone who hates it so much keep coming back?

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    • Dude, you definitely don't have a Job, a Girl, or a life... Cause I've been looking at this forum for about 5 minutes and have come up to about 50 of your replies in the past 4 hours...

      You really need to give it up! Let us complain and lash out at Yahoo for not providing for the services we are paying them for on a timely basis... It's the nature of man! From birth we cry when we don't get our milk, as a toddler we cry if we don't get our pacifiers, as adolescents we cry and throw tantrums if we don't get the latest sneakers or toy, as teens we cry if we can't get that nice skateboard, or gaming system we wanted, as young adults we complain when we can't get the job we wanted, and as adult we complain about everything we don't get, specially if we paid for it!

      So, here's some advice: Stop whining about people whining to Yahoo! You think you can do that....


    • Debating with you is like speaking to a very slow child. Not really worth my time.

      Thanks again.


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