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  • King Richard King Richard Apr 22, 2009 6:49 AM Flag

    Can I do anything except cross my fingers?

    So I zeroed in on the managers with the weakest catches and took the best deal possible and flipped Russel Martin for Javier Vazquez and dropped the recently acquired Porcello and grabbed Chris Iannetta off waivers to replace Martin after someone had gave up on him... so here is my updated lineup, certainly more respectable... now that it is would you waive anyone to take a flyer on Hughes or Hanson or should I reacquire Porcello or someone else?

    C - Russel Martin
    1B - Conor Jackson
    2B - Jose Lopez
    3B - Ryan Zimmerman
    SS - Jason Bartlett
    IF - Ian Stewart
    OF - BJ Upton
    OF - Kosuke @#$%odome
    OF - Josh Hamilton
    UTIL - Elijah Dukes
    UTIL - Selmon Young
    Bench - Stephen Drew
    Bench Joe Mauer
    DL - Alex Rodriguez

    SP - Javier Vazquez
    SP - Eric Bedard
    SP - Scott Baker
    SP - Joba Chamberlain
    SP - Oliver Perez
    RP - Troy Percival
    RP - Kerry Wood
    P - Scott Downs
    Bench - Mike Pelfrey
    Bench - Max Scherzer
    Bench - Randy Wolf
    DL - Justin Duchscherer

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    • trade for pitching or add free agents pitchers

      your hitting will be just fine

      drop Oliver Perez and watch the FA list

      Can you tell us some FA pitchers ?

      Also add guys like Denard Span / Nyjer Morgan for speed.

      And keep an eye on top prospects like Travis Snider , Matt Wieters and Matt LaPorta .

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      • Pitching is pretty thin since it is a 14 team mixed and like I said I pretty much missed the draft... and again keep in mind it's 50 innings per week or lose all the pitching stats... it's a head to head league with the following categories.

        R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, IP, W, SV, K, ERA, K/9, QS

        There is some good options at middle relief or setup available like Balfour and Brunney, but when I have Downs in that role and I'm trying to squeeze saves out of Wood & Percival it's somewhat hard to make use out of anyone when there is only two RP's and one P slot available outside starters... I did just realize as I typed this how good Jason Jenning's numbers are so far though, he is available in the setup role and qualifies as a SP!!! Would any of these guys be worthwhile?

        Aaron Cook was just waived, Phil Hughes, Tommy Hanson, Barry Zito, Brad Bergeson, Dave Bush and of course Brandon McCarthy since I dropped him.

        Speed is available in Brett Gardner, Dexter Fowler and the newly waived Cocco Crip... I'm assuming Delmon Young is my consensus spare part out of my hitting so I'd be looking at waiving him or one of my weaker players to add one of them... keep in mind I'll need to make room for A-Rod off the DL in a few weeks (Mauer is just on the bench) unless I can swing a trade and free up a roster position that way.

        Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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