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  • AngelGirl AngelGirl Apr 19, 2009 11:01 PM Flag

    help i am being harassed and locked out


    hey everyone.. i was wondering if i could get some advice. I am a female manager of a baseball league that is being run by a horrible person. He from day one after the draft was emailing me demanding i send him naked pictures of myself or he will lock me out of my team. i resisted and finally made it public to the league. After i did not only did he lock me out but he started changing rules to benefit himself and he has locked out every manager who stood up to him leaving 60% of the league on lockdown.i want to contact yahoo and let them know but one of the managers locked out says yahoo doesnt give a crap...does anyone have any advice on what to do about this pervert and cheater?

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    • My Lord, all this over what appears to be a non pay league. and all these people responding taking sides! C'mon people...would she be the first female to make up some bogus harrassment story and then look for sympathy? The internet is full of pics of naked chicks a lot hotter than you so get over yourself Ms. Canada, eh! It's fantasy baseball for Christ sake! NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! LET IT GOOOO AND PICK A DIFFERENT LEAGUE NEXT TIME!!!! Nobody or whoever you are, go to a strip club...one with a "back room" preferably. It's not as expensive as you think!!!! hahaha

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      • There is absolutely no reason for me to do anything in this matter because I did nothing even remotely close to anything that she is accusing me of. If I had sent her these emails asking her for nude pics then if I was in her situation I would have contacted the police. That would clearly be harrasment. Considering that she would have to doctor something up to have such emails I am guessing that is why this hasn't been done. I love how people just assume that because she has written a story that seems believable that I am guilty. That couldn't be further from the truth. I had no idea about these riddiculous posts until someone in one of my current leagues brought it to my attention. Please feel free to go to that league and ask everyone how many times I have asked them for nude pictures of them, or how many people have been banned from that league. It is a sad world when someone can just randomly make accusations against someone and they are taken as the truth. I am dissapointed in everyone who believes who without one shred of evidence. Which by the way you will only get if she doctors something up and then says that is the supposed email(s) that I sent her. Either way I am looking forward to the laugh that will come when she figures out how she wants to further proceed with this nonsense.

    • My goodness, that post souns very terrible.

    • ya this is outrageous, yahoo will do something about this, send them a copy of the emails and they will do something about it

    • Write them a stiff letter and threat them with legal action if they ignore this issue. They're not liable for his actions, as he is not an employee (I'm assuming), but you can certainly go after them for neglect once you put them on notice. This guy is a PIG and should be banned from Yahoo!

    • grow a pair...

    • Wow.

      That's pretty sad. What a looser!

      I think there are ways to let Yahoo know, but I am not sure if Yahoo will do anything. They say to report abuse, but nothing like this has happend to me before. I guess the only other thing is to ignore the loser and joing other leauges. There are some decent people out there, believe it or not.

      Best of luck.

    • That's a shame. I found a great league and have been welcomed. It's unfortunate with what happened in your experience. As a girl, i will tell you to pack up and move on. It's not worth your effort and worry. Don't feed the madness and consider it a sad loss.

    • .•º·ÜÑÇ Łø√ê™·.•º·. .•º·ÜÑÇ Łø√ê™·.•º·. Jul 16, 2009 5:51 PM Flag

      sorry for your loss

    • SUE HIM!!! Go to the cops. Do something legal.

    • I love the sad story that you have made up to try to make me look bad. The actual truth is that you ran your mouth in a league and insisted on telling everyone how stupid they were and how you were so much smarter than everyone else. You language and horrible attitude is why you are banned from my league. If you do these supposed emails where I ask for nude pics and am harrassing you then I beg you to send them to the police or the FBI or whoever you think you should send them to. I find it so shallow and inmature that because you are locked out of my league for YOUR behavior that you would go out and make up false accusations. Some people in this worls are so sad and you just happen to be the cream of the crop. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL

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      • "Nobody".....how appropriate.

        From Yahoo's Terms of Service: Messages that harass, abuse or threaten other members; have obscene or otherwise objectionable content; have spam, commercial or advertising content or links may be removed and may result in the loss of your Yahoo! ID (including e-mail).

        I noticed no one from that league stepped up to defend or corroborate the 'commish's point of view. Probably because that point of view is difficult to see when one's head is firmly entrenched up one's own backside.

        Angelgirl - Report the cretin & quit the douchebag's league. There are plenty of others with room to spare, and don't give the self serving troll any more self satisfaction then he already provides himself with in the shower every morning. This is my first season on Yahoo, and I find it to be a great site. Ignore the creepy jerk and find a real league with a competent Commish.

        Or just send him naked pics of his Mom. Probably the only woman he's ever seen naked anyway...

        Good luck..

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