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  • Travis V Travis V Apr 14, 2009 11:39 AM Flag

    Thoughts about the stat problem.

    As a Computer Scientist and programmer, I was thinking about the “four out inning” between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks the other day. The fantasy system parameters are set for three outs obviously.

    I am not saying our stat problem today is a result of the four out issue, but I must say I would be interested to see how Stat Tracker was able to collaborate with the unusual stat. The system is set that when three outs happen in a game, the box score reads “mid-inning”.

    I know this explanation seems strange, but from a programming standpoint something that simple can throw the entire system in a paradox.

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    • yeah. thats probably the problem.lol.

    • I keep hearing about this stat problem

      what's the problem with it?

    • Nice explanation, Doc, but how about this situation....

      Stattracker crashes and burns all by itself on an almost weekly basis (like RIGHT NOW it's Tuesday and there are no standings displayed.) It happens in hockey, football and baseball.

      So the real question is not whether a "100 year storm" can throw stattracker into a fatal coma. The real question is why does a program that generates millions of dollars for Yahoo crash for no reason what-so-ever.

      My personal opinion is that it's a problem that can be solved by a really determined group of ripped off stattracker customers suing Yahoo as an organized block and demanding that they deliver what we paid for when we subscribed. It becomes quite pathetic after a while when the same incompetent people running stattracker allow days to pass with no access to statistics and allow delays of literally hours between stats posting on a prime time sports night.

      4 out innings SHOULD throw a baseball program into a fault mode. A far better example of hosed statistics is when Yahoo does not give a goalie a shut out after playing 3 periods of a game and an overtime allowing no goals. Then on the 5th undefended break away in a shoot out a goal is scored and Yahoo awards no shut out to the losing goalie even though his goals against average is zero. A shutout should be awarded after the end of the 3rd period. (Overtime should not exist in regular season hockey in my purist opinion. 60 minutes and the game is over and each team gets a point.) Regardless, why does anything that happens outside of regulation affect stats when they change the rules in overtime (4 skaters).

      Statistically speaking, wouldn't you say that all data is instantly invalidated when you change the conditions and allow numbers into the data pool that are accumulated outside of the normal criteria? Does a statistic from a 4 out inning have the same value as a statistic from a 3 out inning given the increased opportunity? Is a number accumulated in a 4 out inning calculated at .666667 times the value of a stat from a 3 out inning?

      But anyways, engineering software to handle freak occurences (4 outs) is cost prohibitive. Yahoo has enough trouble stealing from us given normal circumstances. Stattracker fails as a result of 3 out innings. Stattracker fails due to low humidity and/or bad karma or bad hair days some nights.

      A year ago Yahoo turned baseball stattracker off on the last day of the season. Not at the end of the day. At the begin before the games were played. A message appeared saying that we (all sunscribers) were not subsribers and solicited people already subscribed to subscribe to the service. Several hours before the last game ended they had the system turned on again but all the early action was missed by a "live scoring" program.

      The point is, can you expect people that can't even program the proper date and time for the program to stop running to handle totally unpredictable events? Can one expect a program that is incapable of executing simple mathmatical calculations that it is programmed to do to successfully handle a once in history anomaly? Good luck with that expectation.

      But the truth is that Yahoo is always looking for a great excuse for why it can't maintain and deliver consistently a product it sold us. 4 outs is a better excuse than simply admiting they have incompetent management.

      What do you think?

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      • All very well said, and thank you for realizing my underlying point. 4 outs should indeed throw the system into a point of instability.

        I prefer Yahoo Fantasy over the others for its simplicity. Everything is in my reach. Nevertheless, the entire system really needs a thorough examination. Last season I entered 6 failed Plus Leagues, and none of them filled for a draft. I understand that Yahoo does its best to cut down on cheaters filling ghost teams in leagues all to bolster their own fantasy resume. But, wouldn’t it make sense for Yahoo to at the very least see how many managers are in a current draft time slot?

        When everything is working properly, I think Yahoo fantasy is unbeatable. I bought the MLB game ticket online. Boy it adds to the fun let me tell you. But, these flaws with the system may force me elsewhere for my needs. It would be one thing if this system were free.

        I got in a league last year that held a draft, and I swear not one single player after the draft was correct for every manager in the league. Two days later Yahoo sends every manager an email saying that we had to hold a second draft! So much for draft strategy and making surprise picks.

        It’s these situations that are killing the entire system. No two ways about it, whether it was four outs or what, the fault of our botched stats is the result of poor and irresponsible programming. Plain and simple the System Analysts at Yahoo are culpable.

    • That wouldn't have an effect on fantasy basketball not updating.

      By the way this is the last day to add players on the basketball season.

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      • Had no idea basketball was having problems too. But, something else that knocks out the four out thing is we would have seen the effect that day, rather than days after the event.

        I was really just interested to see if anyone had thought about the stat quandary with regard to Stat Tracker. It's a buggy system as it is.

    • Well, I am a nuclear physicist as luck would have it, and while your theory has some merit, I think it is more likely the result of the spring migratory habits of the purple withering finch, which is interfering with the gamma radio waves emitted from the southern tundra of Antarctica.

    • Someone in the trade thread thinks its because Nick Swisher pitched and Yahoo can't handle that. LOL


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