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  • Patmc620 Patmc620 Apr 7, 2009 7:44 PM Flag

    Veto worthy? please say yes...

    This, for some stupid reason, was accepted in my league that i commish... Howie Kendrick for Brandon Phillips.... now im not one to veto a trade.. but omg, one manager gets a huge one up on everybody else just because this guy doesnt seem to know what baseball is... so, is this trade (Howie Kendrick [ranked 92] for Brandon Phillips [ranked 24]) veto worthy?

    anndd btw i know for a fact that these managers are not the same person..

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    • no howie has lot of potential if hes healthy

    • No. Only veto a trade if there is obvious collusion. Since that's not the case, let the idiot get taken for a bath. He'll either learn quickly, or the other managers in the league will jump on him just as fast as this guy did.

    • The only reason a trade should be vetoed is if there is collusion.
      If you are able to find someone who is willing to give up the better player in a trade that is just smart managing.

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      • If you are a commissioner in a 10 or 12 team league, you have an obligation to all of the managers to ensure trades are fair. A trade that unbalances the competition in favor of one team is not really fair to the non-participants. I would keep this as the ultimate benchmark. If someone ends up being unable to brag about how they ripped somebody off, oh well.

        If you are not comfortable with this, you could always poll the other managers on a specific trade for their feedback.

    • I've already posted to this once, but I'll add one more comment. Since it passed muster with the other managers in your league, I can't see anything that would warrant you overriding how everyone else feels. If you wanted sole trade approval power you should have set the league up that way from the beginning.

      Surely you're not just trying to keep a team from being better than yours!

      Let it ride, it's a game. No room for dictatorship in something that's supposed to be fun.

    • You are all insane. NO VETO. Veto should only be used in absurd situations, and this is in no way absurd. Look at their projected years, close enough not to veto, thats for damn sure.

    • id veto that and tell the guy with kendrick to throw something else in, that's pretty shady

    • Don't veto. That should only be used if you suspect some sort of foul play. Phillips for Kendrick may not be smart, but it's not all that fishy either.

    • You people are NUTZ. That trade needs VETOED TO H-E-L-L. Allowing CRAP like that is whats hurting Fantasy games as it is. A person goes to draft spending his or her time doing this so an ass hole can F it up in one move BY TRADING A 3RD ROUND PICK FOR AN UNDRAFTED PLAYER BASICLY. Get REAL.

    • Yes, that certainly sounds veto worthy. Although I suppose it depends a little on where those players were drafted. In one of my leagues, for example, Philips went 3rd round while Kendrick went 9th. No one should trade a 3rd round pick straight up for a 9th round pick.

      And the argument that Kendrick might do better than Philips doesn't hold up. I mean, any player might do better than any other, especially when you factor in injuries. Fantasy baseball trade values are determined by what a player is most likely to do, which is based primarily on their performance in previous years and experts estimates on how they will perform in the current one.

    • Well, it's definitly a one-sided trade, but I would only veto a trade if I felt that one manager was giving up and/or trying to help another manager. So, I would let it ride, but lob plenty of smack at the guy who just traded away Phillips.

      Please see my post and return the favor. Thanks!

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