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  • Daryn Daryn Apr 4, 2009 7:22 PM Flag

    ask me a question!

    i have a question. i am new to fantasy baseball and I have enough pitchers to fill all spots but no benched pitchers.....do i drop someone for another pitcher or just leave it

    Benched players

    Cust OF
    Guillen 1B/3B
    Freddy Sanchez 2B
    Mora 3B
    Ethier OF

    i have pujols so i really dont need guillen.............

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    • i take on extra pitchers out the gate because you can use them all. later on, i drop p's for bats. hitting is easier to replace, so i like options on the mound

      ethier must play. if your of is set, then cust can go. he's one-dimensional w/o guarantee he'll replicate the hr total


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