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  • Marc F Marc F Apr 4, 2009 5:30 PM Flag

    ask me a question!

    i've some time, if you've some queries

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    • I am looking for a combination of SB, Low K's, good BA

      Lineup looks like

      C Ianetta
      1B C. Jackson
      2B H. Kendrick
      3B Barnes
      SS Theriot
      OF Hunter
      OF Maybin
      OF Taveris
      Util Getz

      Who am I missing, that would fit better? You have to go pretty deep to find some of these guys. Oh and the staff is pretty steady.

    • A. 3.45 era, 1.39 whip, 9-11 record, 80 walks, 175 k's

      B. 3.47 era, 1.28 whip, 13-10 record, 56 walks, 183 k's

      based on the stats which pitcher would you choose for your team?

    • C - Ryan Doumit
      1B - Ryan Howard
      2B - Howie Kendrick
      3B - David Wright
      SS - Jhonny Peralta
      OF - Carlos Lee
      OF - B.J. Upton
      OF - Jay Bruce
      Util - Ryan Ludwick
      BN - Vernon Wells
      BN - Jose Lopez
      BN - Nelson Cruz

      SP - Josh Beckett
      SP - James Shields
      RP - Jonathan Papelbon
      RP - Jose Valverde
      P - Jon Lester
      P - Matt Garza
      P - Huston Street
      BN - Johnny Cueto
      BN - Joey Devine

      Hows my team? Where are my weaknesses?

      10 team H2H league

    • 5x5 roto league trade comments

      team A gives up Sabathia, Shappach and Figgins (team A has plenty of other SB opportunities, needs some HR hitters)

      team B gives up Lilly, V Martinez, B Phillips

    • back. questions?

    • What can I do to make my team better (12 team H2H league) -- I just picked up Cust for a little more power (hopefully) in Ichiro's spot while he's on the DL:

      P. Sandoval (C,1B,3B)
      J. Votto (1B)
      M. Aviles (2B,SS)
      M. DeRosa (2B,3B,OF)
      D. Jeter (SS)
      R. Braun (OF)
      J. Kubel (OF)
      J. Cust (OF)
      R. Theriot (SS)
      E. Encarnacion (3B)
      R. Church (OF)
      I. Suzuki (OF)
      D. Span (OF)
      A. Casilla (2B)
      J. Mauer (C)

      J. Santana (SP)
      F. Liriano (SP)
      F. Rodriguez (RP)
      B. Wilson (RP)
      C. Hamels (SP)
      C. Ray (RP)
      C. Carpenter (SP)

    • It's a 12-team H2H league. With Lackey on the DL, I have an open spot. Who from the Free Agents should I grab?

      Free Agents:
      -->C: Shoppach, Y Molina, Teagarden, Baker, K Suzuki
      -->1b: Butler, Ishikawa, Blake, Overbay, Garko
      --->3b: Mora, Reynolds, Blake, I Stewart
      -->OF: DeJesus, Giles, Rowand, Schumaker, Gomez, Anderson, Byrnes, Church, Lewis, Lind, Francoeur
      -->P: Kuo, Guthrie, Putz, Wellemeyer, Kawakami, Litsch, Escobar, Duchscherer, Rodney, Villanueva

      MY TEAM:
      C- I. Rodriguez
      1B- Morneau
      2B- Utley
      3B- M. Cabrera
      SS- Hardy
      OF- McLouth
      OF- Ludwick
      OF- Ethier
      Util- Hawpe
      BN- J. Upton
      BN- Choo
      BN- O. Cabrera

      SP- Haren, Dempster, Danks, Maholm, Kuroda Lackey (DL)
      RP- Soria, Fuentes, Morrow

    • 1-10 rate my team please!!!

      12 teams

      C Brian McCann (Atl - C)
      1B Miguel Cabrera (Det - 1B,3B)
      2B Dan Uggla (Fla - 2B)
      3B Evan Longoria (TB - 3B)
      SS Stephen Drew (Ari - SS)
      IF Derrek Lee (ChC - 1B)
      OF Nick Markakis (Bal - OF)
      OF Jack Cust (Oak - OF)
      OF Curtis Granderson (Det - OF)
      Util Jorge Cantu (Fla - 1B,3B)
      Util Felipe Lopez (Ari - 2B,3B,SS,OF)
      SP Derek Lowe (Atl - SP)
      SP Javier Vazquez (Atl - SP)
      RP Joe Nathan (Min - RP)
      RP Jonathan Broxton (LAD - RP)
      P Jason Motte (StL - RP)
      P Joel Hanrahan (Was - RP)
      P Brad Ziegler (Oak - RP)
      BN Jeff Francoeur (Atl - OF)
      BN Orlando Cabrera (Oak - SS)
      BN Adam LaRoche (Pit - 1B)
      BN Matt Cain (SF - SP)
      BN Wandy Rodriguez (Hou - SP)
      BN Randy Johnson (SF - SP)

      • 1 Reply to Stefan
      • laroche can go, franceour and cabrera should play, so cust can backup or go

        keep an eye out for sp; galarraga, wellemeyer, porcello, b anderson

        wandy should only start at home, randy should start against free-swinging teams like fla, not the phils

        i'll give ya an 8.5, but if you can manage your sp, drop the spare hitting parts and tighten your rotation, you'll get a 9 just because i see so few teams that have 5 closers; which i recommend if possible. pretty good job

    • jason bay for Peavy/Cordero (has spilborgs, burrel, victorino in OF.)

      bay team can afford to sacrifice power. with pujols and arod, maccan, J. peralta

      who wins? worth

    • Would you mind giving my team a rate? A second opinion is always good. 12 team H2H league, 10 keepers, 6x6 scoring w/ HLDs and OPS

      C: Pablo Sandoval
      1B: Mark Teixeira
      2B: Jose Lopez
      3B: Aramis Ramirez
      SS: Jimmy Rollins
      OF: Jason Bay
      OF: Adam Dunn
      OF:Shane Victorino
      UTIL: Andre Ethier
      BN: Johnny Damon
      BN: Brad Hawpe

      SP: Chad Billingsley
      SP: Roy Oswalt
      SP: Adam Wainwright
      RP: Brian Fuentes
      RP: Frank Francisco
      P: JJ Putz
      P: Hideki Okajima
      BN: Josh Johnson
      BN: Chris Carpenter
      BN: Fausto Carmona
      BN: Paul Maholm
      DL: Tim Hudson

      I plan to alternate Ethier and Damon at UTIL week by week depending if I need the SB help or consistency. They both provide a solid AVG and Ethier should be a stud.

      I just completed a trade where I acquired Adam Dunn for John Lackey, as I don't trust Lackey anymore, had some SP depth and needed a legit power threat. I feel Sandoval, Teixeira, and Ethier/Damon cover Dunn's AVG well for me.

      I missed the second closer run, so I took Francisco for job security and K rate, then took Putz who's going to hawk saves in NY on top of his HLDs.

      I have Hawpe sitting on my bench, and I'd like to dangle him + a player to upgrade that player. I was thinking either Bay, Rollins, Lopez, Oswalt, Wainwright and Francisco could be possibilities. Could you rank these in order of what you think would fits my immediate needs most, and maybe some suggestions of targets? Thanks

      • 1 Reply to Jesse B
      • i recently traded damon for valverde. like you, i had enough speed and unlike you, don't have ethier to platoon; which i don't recommend. ethier must play

        maybe damon and hawpe can go for an upgrade somewhere. put all this bait using the trading block tool and see what bites

        i don't love lopez at 2b and you can use another top-tier pitcher, but another closer will give you some breathing room h2h

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