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  • PhillyPhanatic85 PhillyPhanatic85 Mar 25, 2009 10:53 PM Flag

    Trade Talk (Yes, This Early)

    Need some help guys, I just had my draft today and I am VERY uneasy about my SS situation. My only SS are Yunel Escobar and Ramon Vazquez. At SP, I have Harden, Johan, Dempster, Armando Galarraga, Jurrjens, Wandy Rodriguez, Buehrle, and Kelvim Escobar who's due back in May.

    The team I'm looking at trading with has Hanley at SS and has a rotation of Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey, Gavin Floyd, Smoltz, and Kenshin Kawakami.

    My thoughts were GIVING UP Ludwick, Yunel Escobar, and Jurrjens for Hanley and Carlos Lee. Is it too desperate/soon to be going for the trade? And is it a fair trade or am I not giving up enough to seriously entice the guy? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    • I wouldn't give up Hanley for that junk pile. Most of the players you named were turds.

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      • As far as you sending these absurd deals to "feel out" the other managers. thats BS, id be insulted, why dont u just post something under the recent messages or how about email the guy. But aside from your obscure trade tactics, I don't think Hanley is gunna work out for you man, what you have to give him doesn't complement his needs. so go after J Rolls.

        O ya, and stop trying to cover up your dismal fantasy knowledge by making up trade tactics, just admit you havn't a clue

    • Just a matter of preference I guess. Do you want to give up less to get J-Roll, or more and get Hanley.

      Personally I would give up more and take Hanley, but you should get an idea from both managers about their SS pricetags. Then use that to look at which will make your team better.

      You also will never get Hanley without including your first-round pick, or maybe if you're lucky a 2nd and a 3rd or 4th.

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      • Well as I look back at J-Roll's stats over the 2 years prior to last (which he missed 25 games and wasn't necessarily 100% the whole time), he actually scored more runs in both seasons, had more SB in both seasons, and had more RBI in both seasons, while having marginally fewer homers, despite his OPS being about .075 lower (.940 for Hanley compared to 0.874 for J-Roll). Now granted, one of those 2 years (07) was J-Roll's MVP year, but if he can stay healthy and have another all-star caliber year, he may put up sufficient enough numbers to make him a legitimate alternative to Hanley.

        As far as actually trading for Hanley goes, I'm absolutely open to negotiating with the other manager. That's why I propose how I do: that way, I don't offer too much too soon, and I get the opportunity to find out if A) the other guy's even interested and B) what HIS asking price is if he counter offers. As far as going 1st-round for 1st-round, my guy would be Teixeira. Which might work except that he has Huff AND Derrek Lee. He still might prefer Teixeira, but he may feel that 1B isn't a priority for him given that giving up Hanley would leave him with no SS AND his need for SP.

        But thanks for the response. I definitely would prefer Hanley and am waiting until I know whether the owner with Hanley is even interested before I start pursuing J-Roll.

    • Just to clarify to everyone, so that you guys realize I'm not a tool or a moron when reading my topic. I don't necessarily need Carlos Lee in the trade offer that I'm proposing, nor do I expect the other manager to accept this trade or even a trade for just Hanley. My proposal is merely a way of letting the other guy know that I have interest in Hanley. However, as a general rule, I NEVER make my best offer first. Why offer a guy David Wright when he may take Youk and John Danks? If you offer him Wright first and he accepts, you're stuck with it.

      However, I do appreciate everyone's remarks, no matter how strongly they were made, and hope that other people will also provide their feedback.

    • Agree fully with the post before me. I would be offended if thaose three were offered to me for just hanley, then to ask for Carlos Lee as well is insane.

      I'll go even further. I wouldn't even consider trading my Carlos Lee for those three guys.

    • I would be insulted if you offered that to me for just Hanley...and you are asking for Carlos Lee in addition?

      I think i just threw up a little bit...i just don't know if it was in laughter or digust...

    • Ya...you'll never get them for what u want to give up. I hope you weren't serious about this. I don't think anyone in their right mind would do this.

    • go for it ... I've got Hanley and wouldn't trade him, but anyone would at least have to think about it ........... had our draft last Friday and have already pulled two trades, one which sounds like this -- I got their #1 pick for a couple of middle rounders because I saw they were weak in those spots

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      • Yeah, that's exactly what I did because I knew I was gonna have a weak SS so I decided to try and stock up on SP as trade bait. There is also a guy who has J-Roll and his SP are Brett Myers, Dice-K, CC, and Chien-Ming Wang but he has NO OTHER SP. We play in a 14-team league where you MUST play at least 4 SP. Do you think maybe some sort of SP/Escobar trade for J-Roll is a better deal, or should I go big for Hanley?


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