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  • Will Will Mar 18, 2009 8:02 PM Flag

    Is your team better?

    6/10, middle rate team. Johnny Damon isnt a starter, but a good back-up. Its gross how over-valued AJ Burnett is, hes junk. You team is medicore

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    • My team is alot better, brah... I don't even like this one that much, I had to take Davis early b/c I got on the wrong side of a run on 1B:

      C Posada
      1B Chris Davis
      2B Ian Kinsler
      3B A Ramirez
      SS S Drew
      OF Ryan Braun
      OF Carlos Lee
      OF Shane Victorino
      Ut Lastings Milledge

      BN Lowrie
      BN Jeff Francoeur

      SP Lackey
      SP Shields
      SP Vazquez
      SP Danks
      SP Cueto

      RP Street
      RP Qualls
      RP Francisco
      RP Corpas

      BN Smoltz
      BN Tony Pena

      Notice the hand-cuffed Mid relievers on street and qualls...


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