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  • Brunetta Brunetta Mar 15, 2009 8:20 PM Flag

    Teams Dynasty League

    I need 5 more managers to have 12. The 7 so far are always on multiple times a day. Only emial me if you have more then a year of experience on Yahoo! email me with your Yahoo! ID so i can check. I only want managers that are active every day and post on the message board constantly, so if you can't do that then dont bother joining.

    Email me at brunetta13@live.ca if interested. If you reply to this you will not get a response.

    This is how the league works:
    1) Each manager picks a set of 2 teams (one D-1 and one D-2)

    2) The Team groups were decided by team standings at the end of last year with a few minor changes depending on team roster.

    3) Each D-1 team has a set Draft Pick. The better teams have worse drafts picks and the teams that arent as good have the better draft picks. This will
    result in no teams getting stacked at the draft and all teams having the same advantages as the others.

    4) There wil be 6 banned teams(4 great teams, 2 bad teams). These teams are already chosen coming into the league so don't ask to change them.

    5) There will be a 15 round draft for the players of the 6 banned teams(cubs, pirates, mets, yankees, red sox, royals).

    6) In the draft you MUST take a minimum or 2 prospects.

    7) Your team name must combine your 2 chosen teams.

    8) You protect 6 prospects(3 from each of your 2 chosen teams). These prospects will be protected from any trades made in the Majors. Any other prospect
    from your 2 chosen teams will be lost if they are traded in the majors. You may change your protected prospects at any time by letting the commish know.

    9) Any other prospects that you traded for or drafted and are not apart of your 2 chosen teams is automatically protected from any movement unless you move

    10) Free Agents - You may only add/drop players that you own the rights too. Meaning from your 2 chosen teams or any other guys from other teams that you
    have traded for.

    11) If any of your players that are on Free Agents get traded or released in the majors then you will lose that player to whatever team that player went to.
    This rule only applies to players you have on free agents


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