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  • Chris Topher Chris Topher Mar 3, 2009 7:38 AM Flag

    Looking for owners for ESPN keeper

    We are looking for new extremely savvy fantasy baseball owners for a 14 team keeper league. This league will be an Auction style draft on Monday March 30th at 7pm EST.
    League run down...
    7x7 head to head categories are as follows:

    This will be $100 dollar league. $50 being the yearly fee and the other $50 will be (1 time 'franchise fee' that will cover you over 3 years.) The franchise fee goes to different yearly awards over the 3 years. Example: The regular season best record will win $50. The winner of each overall category will win $10, and best record over the 3 year span will win $130. So, with 14 teams the franchise pool will be 700 dollars. With 3 league winners over 3 years that is $150 and 14 categories per year, that 42 total payouts, totaling $420 and the overall winner of $130, which equals $700. ALL franchise fees will be re-paid out.
    The top 3 spots will receive pay-outs:
    1st place: $400
    2nd place: $200
    3rd place: $100

    I will print up a document that has all this laid out and notarized and sent to you via email so you know this is official since, you probably do not know me.

    This is an auction style draft, 27 man teams. At the end of the year, you will have until March 24th of 2010 to declare your keepers. We will be keeping 8 players.
    To give you a rundown of our background:
    We have been running a league on yahoo for the past 3 years going into our 4th season. It is the same format, but it was a snake draft. I am an ex-minor league player that played college baseball at Miami University and professionally with Toronto Blue Jays. At least another member of the league is an ex- college teammate of mine. We are baseball people, we are not Peter Gammons or anything, but we do enjoy baseball and fantasy baseball. The hardest thing we are running into is finding 14 owners that are just as passionate and continually active as we are. We all exchange phone numbers and do A LOT of trade talks via text message, probably more than we should at our jobs!
    So, please... if you are interested in this league, and or have more questions... please email me at lenndz34@yahoo.com or throwing_heat_14@hotmail.com with the subject line of ESPN KEEPER LEAGUE.

    My name is Chris, call me Lenny and my co-creator of this league is Rusty, I do not want to say we are looking for baseball gurus but we are looking for people that follow baseball with passion and stay active daily. We are looking forward to having you join our league, it’s very exciting and hardcore league. Beginners might not want to apply.

    Thanks again,


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