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  • Ashton26 Ashton26 Feb 23, 2009 3:07 PM Flag

    Roto fantasy help.

    In a standard 5 x 5 roto fantasy league, approximately how many home runs and steals would it take to win those respective categories over the course of a full season?


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    • Hi Matt,

      I keep track of the final season standings for my league every year, and calculate the average total for each category, at each rank. I have done this for the past 3 seasons.

      To finish 1st in HRs, the average has been 253 homers. To finish 1st in SB, the average has been 189 stolen bases.

      I don't think this is a good target though. Usually the teams that finish in 1st in categories finish by a very wide margin because they are extremely defficient in another category. This is especially true for stolen bases since there always seems to be one team absolutely loaded with SB players.

      I would say your goal should be to finish 4th in every category. One of the Yahoo writers proved this a year or two ago that if you take a 9 in every category, you will almost always finish 1st. If that would be your goal, the average amount of homers needed (which was very, very close every year) would be 230 HR and stolen bases would be 135 SB.

      Just FYI, to finish 4th in all categories, the averages look like this:

      Runs: 916
      Homers: 230
      RBI: 892
      SB: 135
      Average: 0.285
      Wins: 85
      Saves: 105
      Ks: 1090
      ERA: 3.83
      Whip: 1.28


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