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  • Chad Chad Feb 21, 2009 12:59 PM Flag

    10 Team League Need 2 More, Draft Mar 14th

    10 Team, Points only league. We currently have 8 teams (6 returning from last year), and we need 2 more.
    The draft is Saturday, March 14th at 11:00AM.

    League #: 76193
    Password: Ruth

    This league is a points only league. The way that it works is that each day your team receives points for (Hitters) Sigles, Doubles, Triples, HR, RBI's, Assists, and (Pitchers) Wins, Saves, Holds, Strike Outs, and Innings Pitched. At the end of the day your players stats are calculated to give you your team score for that day. Each day is added up to give your team it's yearly score. The team with the most points at the end of the year wins.

    There are game limits set at each position so that one team can not try to play players every day to out score other teams. The players limits are 170 games at each fielding postion, and 1500 Innings pitched. After your team reaches these limits, your team will no longer recieve points.

    The scoring is as followed:
    1 pt per Single
    2 pt per Double
    3 pt per Triple
    4 pt per HR
    1 pt per RBI
    1 pt per Run Scored
    1 pt per Hit By Pitch
    2 pt per Stolen Base
    -1 pt per Caught Steeling
    -1 pt per Strike Out
    -1 pt per Error
    4 pt for Hitting for Cycle
    4 pt for Hitting Grand Slam
    1 point for Outfield Assist

    10 pts per Win
    5 pts per Save
    5 pts per Complete Game
    5 pts per Shut Out
    3 pt per Inning Pitched (1 pt per Out)
    1 pt per Strike Out
    -1 pt per Hit allowed
    -1 pt per Base on Balls
    10 pts per No Hitter
    15 pts per Perfect Game


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