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  • Harry R Harry R Feb 18, 2009 5:58 PM Flag

    GrandSlam Trophy baseball!!

    Try one of our GrandSlam Trophy Leagues!

    GrandSlam Trophy A (beginner) League - free - $20 to win it all! ID#94436 password:GrandSlamB( two spots left!)

    GrandSlam Trophy AA League - free - $125 Cash Purse! (must have won a "public" league b4)(currently filled-taking Alternatives for next season/drops this season) *email below

    GrandSlam Trophy AAA League - free - $300 in Cash Prizes! (must have won a "custom" league b4)(some drop openings opening 20th!) *email right away

    GrandSlam Trophy Pro/Keeper League - $32 entry - Purse Varies to league size
    ID#111238 password:GrandSlamPro
    (just, just opened-sign now and draft first!)

    GrandSlam Trophy Pro League - $87 entry - $125 Cash added into Purse! ID#2333 password:GrandSlam Pro Friendly atmosphere stressing year long activity = You stay active all year=You Win $s! (Isn't this what we ALL want?!)(filling)

    GrandSlam Trophy TopGun League - $100 entry - Purse up to $1900!! ID#2605 password:GrandSlamPro Where the best compete -vs- the best in a winner take all format! (If you or your family rely on this money I recommend another GrandSlamTrophy league.)(Just, just opened)(Isn't there any TopGuns out there??!!)

    **coming soon** GrandSlam Trophy Masters
    ***coming next year*** GrandSlam Trophy Pro/Am (a fun league with big payout)

    All GrandSlam Trophy leagues are 10x10, H2H (a real man's league) and are *continuous* with re-invite/drafting order *rights*! All GrandSlam Pro leagues enjoy (pre-paid) Yahoo Plus! Drafting orders <*except TopGun*> are set by league entry order (Commish last)- so hurry and sign up now.

    If a GM is in multiple GrandSlam Trophy leagues - GrandSlam Trophy will pay 15% of the largest fee for you!! If the Commish wins anything (over $99) in any Pro league - half the winnings will be split between the rest of the league!!

    Questions? email: glasspoet1@yahoo.com
    or call Harry (386)316-6907

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