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  • MvP.Drew MvP.Drew Feb 12, 2009 6:18 PM Flag

    How to stop steaming?

    How do i stop people from streaming? when they pick up a pitcher every day that starts the next day whats the best way to stop this i put 7max aqustions per week is that good?

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    • I'd set a maximum and minimum IP for each team. If you set a max of 1,500 IP and a minimum 1,200 IP, that'd make it fair for all. It's worked in leagues I've been in.

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    • If you have a big issue with this you can also lower it less that 1500 maybe 1200 max and 900 min. You can only do that for Roto.

    • set innings pitched, or NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS.

    • thats a way to do it.

      you might even want to do less than that. say 5

      but heres a couple problems with that....

      the game is still rewarding the person who can pick up the most pitchers and what happens when you use your limited moves and then you want to pick someone up to help your team instead of helping your pitching stats.

      heres the solution, if you have the motivation and knowledgable managers....

      make a 60 ip weekly max. there is no option for this in yahoo so the commish has to monitor it and make sure no one goes over.

      this is what im doing this year. i am the first person to use the settings i made. i am a legend and i will lead the way to a better fantasy baseball experience

    • In H2H leagues I do the relief pitcher only strat, meaning I use only closers and relievers to guarantee me 3 wins in saves, era, and whip. I had Devine, Balfour, Nathan, and etc. etc. last year and it completely nullified streaming strat in the playoffs.

      In fact the dumbass who streamed lost to me in the semi finals because I had the tiebreaker of ERA thanks to the strat. It is a pretty gay strat but I have no sympathy because I know jerks will try stream and play dirty in the playoffs.

    • these are all decent suggestions, but the way to stop streaming is to have a deep league with deep teams. leave no one really good on the FA market. And who cares if a team streams...it only can help in 2 categories anyway. If someone wants to, let em! In my $$$ leagues, i just put the cost of a buck a transaction. If someone wants to make 300 moves...great...if they wanna make 10 moves...great!

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      • Yup, I say dont worry about it and let em stream..

        What these streamers dont realize is, all they're doing is taking a risk..Sure, they MIGHT get the k's and w's but they also run the risk of blowing up their era and whip..The funny thing is, even tho they think they're getting the k's and w's, it still doesnt guarantee them they'll those 2 cats..That really isnt a strategy, its actually called pissing in the wind...Lol, do all of the work and still not be guaranteed to win those cats..

        But anyways, yeah, the worst thing about streaming is, its really annoying seeing all of those SP's on the dropped waiver wire everyday...For legit owners, it sucks for us because if/when we have to DL a SP, we have to wait to pick up a SP that a streamer most likely dropped.

    • change the waiver wire to 7 days or so. that will eliminate the same players from being picked up all the time at least.

    • As the Commish of my league last year I did find a way to stop peaple from streaming.

      First: You set minimum innings pitched to 20.

      Second: In a 5 X 5 format you change K's to K's per 9.

      This way the only thing streaming does is win you 1 catagory, wins.

      Hint: How do you win the other 4 catagories without streaming?Draft pitchers and lots closers with high K's per 9. Try to get 20 innings then shut your staff down. You will win 4 out 5 catagories 9 times out of 10... LOL!!! Rate It!

    • Why would you want to stop them is the real question. Streaming is a totally legit strategy to use in ROTO or H2H, anyone who doesn't think so is just a whinny little b#tch who just can't figure out how to beat it. There are legit ways to use and beat streaming and a few have allready been offered here. All of these other suggestions are just ways of twisting the rules to fit another type of strategy IE cheating. Of coarse if everyone agrees on the rules prior to joining the league that doesn't make it cheating, and niether is streaming when the rules allow which they usually do. So go ahead and change the max IP, or set a limit on roster moves if that's what you want.

    • streaming kills the era and whip. Bad pitchers on the waiver wire. let them do it.
      Easy in the playoffs, pick a guy up then drop him and he remains in waivers for the next three days thus missing his next start.

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