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  • The American Dream The American Dream Feb 12, 2009 7:04 PM Flag

    How to stop steaming?

    thats a way to do it.

    you might even want to do less than that. say 5

    but heres a couple problems with that....

    the game is still rewarding the person who can pick up the most pitchers and what happens when you use your limited moves and then you want to pick someone up to help your team instead of helping your pitching stats.

    heres the solution, if you have the motivation and knowledgable managers....

    make a 60 ip weekly max. there is no option for this in yahoo so the commish has to monitor it and make sure no one goes over.

    this is what im doing this year. i am the first person to use the settings i made. i am a legend and i will lead the way to a better fantasy baseball experience


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