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    Streaming Pitchers

    What does it mean to "stream" pitchers in a league?

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    • Here's how I see it...if you see someone doing it and you're going to b*itch about it...then do the same thing. If you don't want to, then I guess people can shut up about it during the league, if it was cheating then Yahoo! would take offense to it and ban the people that do it. Is it a cheap tactic to use in order to win? Yes, it is, but people need to realize that it's just the way it goes, so either join 'em and do the same thing, or basically lose when it comes to the playoffs and then cry about it afterwards.

      I've seen it in just about every league I've been in, so I had to join in with the ruckus of streaming just to make sure I stayed at the top, if everyone else didn't do it then I wouldn't either. Then you'll always get the 2 or 3 people in all the leagues that cry about it but not do the same thing. Everybody is going to have their way of going about it, whether it's right or wrong I guess who knows.

    • its not cheating.. but its a cheap tactic used by people who suck and don't know how to play, so they use it to make themselves better, whatever works for ya

    • How do you get around it in head to head?

      1. Set weekly rosters


      2. Get rid of wins, or if you do, add losses as well. Get rid of K's, and make it K/9. This will get rid of the volume categories and you do not have to worry about players streaming pitchers. If they do, they will most likely win W, but lose L, and definitely lose K/9 because pitchers that are being streamed will most likely not put up big K numbers.

      For those of you rookies, K/9 means strikeouts per 9 innings. So if you pitch 6 innings, and strike out 6 batters, over 9 innings you would have 9 strike outs, therefore your K/9 is 9. This is better than just using a total number of strike outs. This also increases the value of Relievers.

    • private leagues blow have people like this dude who has power issues....good commish never even needs to bother with the tools if they run a legit league.....

    • spirit of the rules r u a complete retard?

      this is FANTASY.....

      good manager uses every single advantage they can get....

    • What you call Streaming Pitchers, I call the Rapid Deployment of Probable Starters! If your pitchers suck, throw a whole lot of them, at the opposition, and at least win the strike out column, maybe even the win column. It's not cheating but a strategy, that has it's risks and rewards. It's not for everyone. First off all, if your not loaded on offense, this is not for you. Your sacrificing, WHIP, ERA, and more than likely the Win column. In yahoo public basically you have to start 2 sp and 2 rp, but the other 3 or 4 slots, is up to you.

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      • the really good streamers will only draft power hitters and closers for all there picks......to win, win,.ks,svs every single week and to break even on era and whip....already for (wins) and (k) they have 44 wins right there built in....if there is 22 weeks in season....plus ontop of already drafting top hitters the whole league is behind they 8 ball unless the all deploy to stream too....

      • If you want to discourage streaming pitchers (which by the way is not cheating), as stated on this board you can add max moves per week or season; or I find that if you just add BB's and L's to the pitching stats it keeps teams from streaming. If they then stream, they may win in K's & W's but they will also probably lose in L's & BB's......just my 2 cents.

    • this is why i custom all my H2Hs to limit the amount of drops and adds per week/season

    • When an owner adds and drops sp's everyday just to dominate certain categories.

    • Streaming works very well in H2H where it is easy to dominate Ws and K categories just about every week. just watch Whip and ERA vs that weeks opponent. In Roto streaming is more risky because will definitely hurt Whip and ERA even if result is being in top 3 in Ws and Ks simply because below average SPs are used often.

      How streaming is done is essentially every day go to Yahoos list of starters for the next day on Add/drop page. Add all pitchers that will help and drop the SPs picked up the previous day. Result is you will get 5 starts in 5 days instead of only 1 for each pitcher roster spot that is streamed. It helps to be selective rather than grabbing every SP available. However, be prepared to be blasted by lazy or buzy managers who don't have the time or courage to do daily streaming. Thats their problem, not yours. Good Luck

    • all is not fair, that gives you a huge advantage! and werent you the guy complaining that someone did it to you? this is pretty fishy...

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