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    Winners League

    Hey guys, last year I won one of my leagues, so because of that I should have the option for the yahoo winner league correct? How will I be able to sign up? Will it be an option while filling the signup process? Also, for the people who have experienced it, is the competition that much better? Any help would be great.

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    • For winners of previous year, during reg., at the usual option toggling between "casual" and "competitive", you will see a third toggle option "winner", toggle on that and you'll be assigned to a winner's league.

      Take notice: it doesn't matter how many leagues you won last year (with the same yahoo ID), you will be able to register for one winner's league only. I won 3 out of 4 leagues in 07 with the same ID, and I only got to register one winner's league in 08.

    • The main difference I see is that almost all teams remain active throughout the year, which does it make it more competitive. I always have more fun in the winner leagues I do.

      Also, it will be an option with casual, competitive and winner that you select before you pick your draft date.

    • The competition is really not much different. Let's face it.....the playoff winner in H2H leagues are usually the team that got hot at the right time. Quite a few teams that finish the regular season as the # 4 seed (which is really not that impressive in a public league) go on to win the Championship. Winning a public H2H league (or any H2H league for that matter) does not require a ton of skill....just a lot of luck at the right time.

      The winners league IMO should consist of the managers that finish lst during the regular season.


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