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  • Hans Hans Feb 6, 2009 12:39 PM Flag

    One Improvement You Wish ...

    There are a few problems with getting to a max per week:

    1) what is the right number? innings vary a lot week to week based on how many two start pitchers you have. won't the teams without any two starts still stream?

    2) you have to severely limit the P and RP slots or else it's going to make sense to just go with a ton of relievers. Or worse, a ton of relievers and streaming starters to get to the max!

    3) you could still heavily stream sundays. Because the limit hits daily, a crafty team could get close to the limit on saturday and then stream a bunch of guys on sunday to still get way over the limit. as long as you are under the limit on saturday, you can put as many guys in on sunday as you want to (this already happens on the last day of the season in roto, but with 1250 innings one day of innings doesnt matter much. however in the context of a week it would).

    The real way to combat streaming is to have a limit on the number of moves you can make per week. (The other way is to have weekly moves instead of daily ones, but that focuses the pithing too much on two-start pitchers which is itself almost like streaming.)

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    • Streaming is a hot topic in my leagues and really there is only one full proof way of getting around it and that is the weekly transaction cap. Even a yearly transaction cap would help in a fashion, but teams would save their transactions and stream against the better teams.

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      • I agree. Streaming is the lowest form of fantasy strategy. In my league with my friends we have discussed different ways to prevent it many times, but in the end we decided to have a gentleman's agreement not to do it. However, even that has caused problems. Anytime I pick up a pitcher during a week that has a start the upcoming weekend my opponent gets pissy, even if I cut a pitcher with a start the same weekend thus nullifying the amount of total starts! Overall, I would prefer to either have a maximum amount of innings each week or max number of transactions per week.


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