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    One Improvement You Wish ...

    .. Yahoo will make this year.

    Mine is having h2hpoints option for the "free" leagues.

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    • Didn't see that you asked this earlier, but this is the point system that I use, it puts equal value on both pitching and hitting at the end of the year, though starters that get two starts can give a team a really solid advantage if they pitch well in both of them.

      Current Stat Modifers

      At Bats .25 Points
      Runs 1 Points
      Hits 1 Points
      Doubles 1.25 Points
      Triples 2.25 Points
      Home Runs 3.25 Points
      Runs Batted In 1.25 Points
      Stolen Bases 2 Points
      Caught Stealing -1.5 Points
      Walks 1 Points
      Hit By Pitch 1.25 Points
      Strikeouts -.60 Points
      Ground into Double Play -2
      Innings Pitched 2 Points
      Wins 5 Points
      Losses -10 Points
      Complete Games 5.0 Points
      Shutouts 7.5 Points
      Saves 8 Points
      Hits -.25 Points
      Earned Runs -1.25
      Walks -.25 Points
      Strikeouts 1.5 Points
      Batters Grounded Into Double Plays 2 Points
      Holds 3.5 Points
      Relief Appearances .50 Points
      Quality Starts 5 Points
      Blown Saves -2 Points

      I'm also aware that you can remove dead teams by contacting Yahoo. Did it a couple of times last year, but would rather have the tool myself so I didn't have to rely on them being willing to do that.

    • The one improvement I wish they'd implement and I've been begging them for years. A MAXIMUM innings pitched each week in H to H leagues. That would keep teams from streaming pitchers to accumulate K's, IP's etc. They have a minimum IP's option. Why not a maximim?:-(

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      • There are a few problems with getting to a max per week:

        1) what is the right number? innings vary a lot week to week based on how many two start pitchers you have. won't the teams without any two starts still stream?

        2) you have to severely limit the P and RP slots or else it's going to make sense to just go with a ton of relievers. Or worse, a ton of relievers and streaming starters to get to the max!

        3) you could still heavily stream sundays. Because the limit hits daily, a crafty team could get close to the limit on saturday and then stream a bunch of guys on sunday to still get way over the limit. as long as you are under the limit on saturday, you can put as many guys in on sunday as you want to (this already happens on the last day of the season in roto, but with 1250 innings one day of innings doesnt matter much. however in the context of a week it would).

        The real way to combat streaming is to have a limit on the number of moves you can make per week. (The other way is to have weekly moves instead of daily ones, but that focuses the pithing too much on two-start pitchers which is itself almost like streaming.)

    • being able to make your own schedule!

    • Last year you had Colby Rasmus available all year long but the guy didn't make one MLB at-bat.

      Meanwhile it was known in spring training that Johnny Cueto was going to be in the Reds rotation but they didn't add him until he pitched.


      Things like that are really annoying. Just have everyone on the 40-man roster in the Yahoo system. I know that means some minor league prospects get left out but so what? You have to have some simple definition for who can and cannot be in the system. If a guy isn't on the 40 man roster, he's not going to play in the big leagues. It's very simple and you avoid having any debate as to why or why not someone is there.

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      • In my keeper leagues we have a simple way around that. All the leagues do a board based draft so when a player is drafted the team just picks them up and adds them to their roster. When someone wants a player that Yahoo doesn't list they make a non-database claim on the player. Then provided that the player is added to the DB no later then two weeks after opening day they retain the rights to said player and can pick him up. If the player doesn't they lose the rights and wasted a pick on him. Any player that is added during the draft but not claim would be subject to regular waivers after the draft was completed.

        Something that I would like to see is a expansion of the DL slots to allow for NA players.

    • year round live mock drafts for h2h leagues


    • As commisioner, I would like to have the ability to choose how many teams make the playoffs, and the ability to set up whatever kind of playoff system I want - i.e., Double Elimination with 6 teams, single elimination with 8 teams or single elimination with 10 teams since my league will have 20 teams. Do any leagues offer this kind of thing?

    • I'd like to have multi-team trades. Although it may get complicated, it can certainly be done.

      Another thing that's annoying is that on the message boards, you can't post links.

    • I would like a dropped player to be dropped in real-time instead of waiting a day (assuming he's not locked into his game already). So many times, I've had the announcement that a SP came off the DL and is pitching later that day. I want to activate him, but I don't have the room on my roster to do so. I really think we should be able to fire someone immediately, and use the open spot to bring someone off the DL. I'm still fine with new acquisitions taking a day.

    • would love to somehow see the free statracker, as that is the greatest fantasy type gamecast ever created.

    • h2h points is a stupid format. Why play in a league where teams require no balance? It's an idiots game.

      Multiple matchups for H2H leagues is what they need. Will take some of the luck factor out of the regular season.

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