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  • Mac Mac Feb 5, 2009 4:24 PM Flag

    Give Yahoo! a Break...

    Please stop filling up the message boards with childish whining about the league not opening today or threatening to leave to another site if they dont open by tomorrow...Just go, goodbye, get out of here...

    Does nobody else have a job? I bet the people launching the site are under enough pressure to get the site not only running flawlessly but also in as quick a timeframe as they possibly can...chill the fuck out and it'll be here in a little bit...I know I don't want to touch a draft until I see a bit of spring training anyways...

    Imagine having to deal with your bosses and then having "customers" that do not pay and wine and bitch as much as you people...appreciate the site for what it is and get a life....if your this bored on the internet I can recommend some good porn sites...

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    • I totally agree with SandDevils. It's only Feb. 6th!

    • leave britney alone!!!!

    • leave britney alone!!!!

    • Yahoo is probably provides best fantasy baseball and it's free as well. Although Yahoo needs to add some features, they still have good fantasy. I'm sure it will open up by the middle of this month and the season is still 2 months away... Why don't we just wait patiently for like a week and enjoy the best league after that?

    • ......useless post.

    • Sounds like somebody works for Yahoo! :)

      ESPN has their sign thing opened already, but they don't start drafting until the 17th.

      I believe Yahoo! wanted to have the drafts start on the 15th. So for those who say they want to go to ESPN cause their baseball sign up is already opened, go ahead and do so!

      Oh yeah, their drafts pages are way cooler, but the way they set up the leagues message board, etc, is really bad.

      I hope their paid leagues looks better then that shit!

      I too want Yahoo! to open this shit up, but it's free, and if you can wait from when the league closed late year to now, then you can wait a few more days.

      Quit being premature, and hold it in boys!

    • Excellent point taken!

      It must be extremely gratifying to have your whole life revolve around whether or not Yahoo gets a "free" game going. I'll bet Yahoo is just shaking with all of the negative remarks.

      Wonder what these "clowns" would do if they simply said no more "free games"? Now you pay for them. Most of these bitchers probably don't have a job, still live with their parents and would have no way of participating because they are broke.

      The world of Yahoo does not revolve around all of you that are complaining just to hear yourself think!

    • They are probably gay porn sites!!

    • Was it a surprise that Yahoo was going to be doing fantasy baseball this year? They've had 5 months since the season ended to work on upgrades and fix the kinks. Just because the service is free is no excuse for delays. Yahoo makes money doing fantasy sports otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.

      The Super Bowl was last weekend and I got nothing else to do. And I've already been to way too many porn sites this week. Lets get this thing up and running for my groins sake at least!

    • Don't make excuses for them. This is a competitive market and the people at yahoo should have been better prepared. ESPN is already up and if this site isn't up soon a lot of people will jump ship.

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      • I hope the people who are whining all jump ship and go to ESPN. My guess is many of them are the types who can't wait to draft a team then stop managing it by May.

      • I realize that many of us won't be drafting for a while - but I'm anxious for the league to open up so that I can have access to the default rankings so that I can start to change them in preparation for the draft. I also want to have my "Watch List" available ASAP so that I can start putting prospects' names on there.

        A lot of research goes into drafting before you actually draft - I'd like to have the tools Yahoo provides to help wit that research...

        Yahoo does a great job - it's worth the wait - but like many of you I'm anxious!

      • I don't want to offend anyone here. People may jump ship. They may feel that Yahoo has been late to the party on launching the Fantasy Baseball website. I am one of those that was hoping that the registration would be available sooner than later but I can say this...I enjoy Yahoo Fantasy Baseball and I certainly would not consider switching to another website because the launch date was sooner. In fact, I will most likely have a team in some of these leagues that have launched from other websites but it does not make me feel as if I did because of spite. I will have my Yahoo league up and running as soon as possible.

        I know that their is so many of us that are fantasy baseball enthusiasts but do we really have to resort to empty threats of jumping ship? Their are so many greater problems in every day life (even for the fantasy baseball enthusiast) for us to focus on a launch date for Yahoo. Let us all be patient as another week or two will certainly not cause harm to us, alter our drafts, change our final standings within our leagues, or end our existence.

        I am excited to get my league underway but it's not the end of the world if I can't launch it for another week or so. Give it some time and enjoy the sport in which we all love and I would recommend that we stop putting effort into what we believe is Yahoo's failure and start accepting the concepts of the past time that we hold so true to ourselves. We have built it, and it will come.

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