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  • David S. David S. Jan 29, 2009 8:43 AM Flag

    Number one pick

    Some people say albert pujols is the easy choice for number one, some say arod, some even said tim lincecum. Im going with albert pujols. What do you guys think.

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    • Lincecum? Are you kidding me. Your making it up. I even answered your other question exactly like this one. Lincecum is a pitcher and pitchers should not go in the 1st round. But he is a definite in late 2nd-3rd rounds. My top 12 are:
      1) Hanley Ramirez- Best SS and SS is thin.
      2) Jose Reyes- Also a good SS and again SS is thin
      3) Albert Pujols- Put up great numbers but is a 1B and 1B is full of depth.
      4) David Wright- Is a solid 3B and 3B is pretty good at depth.
      5) Grady Sizemore- Great all around. He doesn't get enough credit for what he does.
      6) Alex Rodriguez- He is declining but is still good.
      7) Ryan Braun- Looked good as a prospect, looks even better in the MLB.
      8) Miguel Cabrera- He's good and young but the Tigers aren't good.
      9) Ian Kinsler- Even though he did get an injury he is still a top player.
      10) Jimmy Rollins- Him and the other 2 SS are definite 1st rounders do to the lack of depth of the position they play.
      11) Josh Hamilton- Unbelievable power hitter.
      12) Alfonso Soriano- He is in the decline but still puts up great numbers. It was just 3 years ago he went .277/40/40.

    • how about utley? 2nd base is a pretty thin position aswell and last year utley was the leagues offensive leader up until the half way point.

    • I would go with pujols or a rod.

    • you must go with a solid pitcher befor a hitter becasue there is way to many good bats laying around the draft.. pitching is guna get u more point u go with johan santana whos guna destroy the n/l this year..

    • Pujols or Hanley Ramirez is the question. I live in St. Louis but would pick Hanley. Depending on how you rate the rest of the draft might make your decision easier. If you had to guess how the rest of your draft will shake out...will you need the extra BA an Albert Pujols would bring or will you wish you had the steals? Are there SS or 1B you think you can get late? Have to look at the big picture. You would be fine with either but what type of team do you usually draft and what stat are you usually hurting for is what I do.

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      • Ramirez - no brainer.

        He's going to make the rest of your draft easy. He gives you all the stats. You'll be stuck hunting for steals with pujols. Not a bad tradeoff for pujols, but why bother when you can just take hanley. you can have a fine AVG without him. you don't need the top averages to do well there, you just need to avoid the bad average guys.

    • Hanley and A-rod are a toss up. Hanley fills up all 5 catagories, but A-rod kills everyone in RBI and R's, plus he's a huge HR guy and bats well. With Texiera behind him he'll have an even bigger year. So either of those guys. Pujouls is money, but his injury history is a bit of a risk. If I picked third and Hanley and A-rod were both gone I'd pick Pujouls, but I'd be tempted to take David Wright too. I picked him 4th last year and would again this year.

    • Unfortunately, David, there is nobody for Pujols to drive in and nobody to drive him in this year. Glaus & Ankiel are a mess. He will be zero help on the bases and his RBI and runs scored will be way down due to no supporting cast. Look elsewhere.

    • Hanley by far.
      1. Helps in all 5 categories.
      2. Still on the rise.
      3. SS is the thinnest position in baseball.

    • definitely not lincecum. he's a pitcher. pitcher and first base are deep in depth so no need to pick them first. pujols can be taken in top 5 and lincecum in the top 25. Then you look at some thin positions. Shortstop and Catcher look thin. Obviously there's no catcher worthy of #1 so it's left to Shortstop. So the shortstops i can see at #1 are either Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes. I think if you want average homers and a good amount of steals go with Hanley and if you want average and lots of steals go with Reyes. Most people end up with Hanley at #1. Here's my top 12:
      1. Hanley Ramirez
      2. Jose Reyes
      3. Albert Pujols
      4. David Wright
      5. Grady Sizemore- he is great everyone knows that but he is underrated. You get a .270 BA -Homers 35-90 RBIs-35 SBs.
      6. Alex Rodriguez
      7. Miguel Cabrera
      8. Jimmy Rollins- His talent isn't #8 deserving but his position makes him go here but he still is good.
      9. Josh Hamilton
      10. Ryan Braun
      11. Ian Kinsler
      12. Alfonso Soriano

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