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    Post your draft strategy

    Lets get them out here, what do you people think on draft day??

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    • if you don't have a top 5 pick, punch out sizemore or upton. A five-cat guy early will balance out your stats and make drafting the rest much easier as you won't be stuck drafting for certain stats. try to grab at least two of 2B/SS/C early to not leave yourself drafting too much for position late. when the closers first start going, take one so that you don't panic later. get at least one starter by round 8 that throws a lot of Ks. In the later rounds, take a couple speculative closers (to trade away for an actual good one on a team that didn't draft enough closers).

      you want to be a spot in the rounds 10 and on to take the guys that fall further than they should. If you have a balanced set of stats when you hit those rounds you can then be in a position to take best available guys for the rest of the time. (Focus on guys with high upside.) This will significantly increase your team value while not hindering its stat production. Also, this strategy sets you up well to make trades during the season as you will have lots of value on your team and good stat balance.

      the key to drafting is to draft in a way to make your later picks easier.

    • I always go for pitching first while most everyone else are getting hitters then trade for the hitters I want.

    • Take hitters first.Usually at an infield postion that isnt known for offense.Get a good catcher (Brain McCann,preferably) in the third round.And spread the love around and go with what I can get,just dont bend too early on pitching.

    • First i take Arod, then pujols. If neither of them are available, i might go with johan, Sabathia, bust most likely, i'd go with a hitter. Usually in the second round i take a pitcher. If lincecum or one of the previously mentioned pitchers are available, i definitely take them in the second round. Also stack up on pitchers and try to only take one bench position player. don't wait for chone figgins either, he is extremely valuable because he is eligible to play outfield and every infield position except 1b.

    • Well I like to know where I am picking before the draft. So in one league I have the 1st pick which i will take Hanley Ramirez. He is a (average, homers, RBI's, stolen bases).300-30-70-30 potential. Then for my double pick (Rnd. 2 and 3) I'm hoping for Pedroia and Fielder to be left which will give me .320-15-80-15 in Pedroia and .275-35-100-2 potential in Fielder. That's an average of about a .300-25-80-15 in just 3 guys. So It is looking pretty good here maybe a few more steals but it looks good. (Rnd. 4 pick 48 and Rnd. 5 pick 49) I am aiming for Jacoby with my next pick. He will get me a .280 average 10 homers 50 RBI's and a nice 50 steals. Then I will look for a pitcher like Webb or Haren with my 5th round pick. And after that I will take what the board gives me. Maybe fill in Soto or Mauer in the 6th round and than the rest i will do as the draft goes along.

    • If you draft all shortstops and 2nd basemen in the first 5-6 rounds, you will corner the market on those hard to fill positions and will be able to trade your surplus for star players later. Target other hitters for your trades. Get your pitching in the last 5 rounds. There is always pitching left over. Last year I was able to get Edwin Jackson, Gio Gonzalez, Kyle Kendrick, and Todd Wellemeyer to head my staff...all the in final rounds.

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      • I dont have a draft strategy so to speak...All I do is stay patient, dont reach and dont panic...I draft for depth, I make sure I get a back up at every position except for C and get 3 closers..For me, its all about depth, if you get your depth you dont need to worry about injuries.

        Dont reach, let other owners reach and ruin their season and dont go after a closer early...Closer are important obviously, but you dont need top notch closers to win...Dont draft 2 C's, its a waste of roster space.

        Oh and get enough SP's so you dont have to be a loser and stream...Lol..Streamers piss me off...They say its a strategy but really in most cases its more like they know they screwed up and cant fix it so they gotta stream to win even tho in most cases its worse for them if those pitchers blow up...Lol..Its not really a strategy, its a risk that usually back fires.

    • Automatically eliminate batters with an average under .270 and pitchers with an ERA above 4.5 and WHIP above 3.5

      Then be willing to adjust and pull the trigger on an Adam Dunn or one of the lesser knowns if he falls far enough. In auction drafts (which I solely participate in and prefer) don't buy the players eliminated at all. But call them out to get others to spend thier cash!

    • 1-3 1B,2B,SS in no order
      4-5 2 Aces
      6-10 2OF,3B, C, CL
      11-17 2OF, 3SP, CL
      18+ fill remaining holes focusing on high reward prospects

    • 1st 3 rounds take best player available. Trying to fill tough to fill slots (ss, 2b, of). Pitching is very deep this year 3b and 1b are pretty deep. 1b is not as deep in years past and 3b is deeper than in the past. I like to take risks on those who had down years in the year prior or ended the season with an injury. I take underrated closers and try to look if their setupman is worth the handcuff (can i pick him up off waivers or not) I load up on RPs and look for young talent with high k/9 ratio or low BABIP and pretty much punt wins unless i get a good deal on an SP. I wait until at least round 5 for SPs and get late SBs and closers/setupmen. pay close attention to injuries and I wait until the last week of spring training to draft and watch for potential rookies to earn a starting spot.

    • i go hitters the first 3-4...maybe sometimes even 5 rounds....then go to pitching

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