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  • Joe G Joe G Jan 25, 2009 5:22 PM Flag

    5x5 Keeper Need Help!!!

    Alright so it's year 2 in a 5x5 keeper league. We can keep six, and here's what I got so far:

    Jose Reyes
    David Wright
    C.C. Sabathia
    Brandon Webb

    The other two spots I have pretty much narrowed down to Jon Lester, Ervin Santana, Joey Votto, and Russell Martin.

    However, I've found out that most of the guys in the league are keeping mostly hitting, with a few keeping 6 hitters. I'm not sure if I should keep 2 more hitters, 2 more pitchers, or 1 of each.

    Also, one of the guys traded his 5th round pick in another trade, but now wants a 5th rounder from anyone who will be willing to trade it. He's offered me either Josh Beckett or Aramis Ramirez for that pick, either one of whom I would keep.

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    • keeping russell martin is a no-brainer. as for the sixth i would probably trade for ramirez. i understand that would give you two third basemans which hampers your draft strategy however of the remaining players he's the best and most consistent. beckett would make sense if you didn't have webb and sabathia already and taking three pitchers into a draft is sketchy, especially seeing how power hitting is tough to come by these days. votto is a nice pick because he qualifies for mutliple positions in most yahoo leagues.

      in a nutshell - martin and ramirez are your boys.

    • I would Keep Lester instead of CC. I would also keep Votto,and Martin.

    • I would keep Martin for certain and probably Votto. You have core pitching and if the others are keeping hitters, there should be pitching in the draft.

      Good luck.

    • i would take Rameriz in the trade, he should have a great year, look at his numbers with limited playing time.also great numbers for 2B which is tough position to get great numbers with. also keep Lester over santana

    • e santana and votto would be good choices.

    • Keep the extra pick. Hold onto R. Martin and Joey Votto. I know Votto is a reach, but he looks to be a stud for many years. Besides, you can draft Santana and Lester types through the first 9-10 rounds of the draft. Hitting will be much more sparse.

    • personally, i'd go lester and martin. problem with cutting martin loose is high chance you don't get him back. i'd look to see where i drafted. if you finished last, then will you be picking first this year? is there anyone picking ahead of you that needs a catcher? perhaps you can sneak martin back with your first pick. but otherwise, i'd hold him. i like lester just as much as beckett. i would be very tempted to keep him.

      the thing with the fifth round pick and six keepers is confusing me. effectively the first round is round "7". are you saying that someone is offering you a round "11" pick for beckett? if so, then leap upon it. i can' t imagine anyone of that kind of value available that late in draft. if you do that deal, my advice remains same. unless you feel certain you can get martin back, hold him. if you can get him back, hold lester. that will give you big boost on SP next year and you can focus on hitters while others are creating a staff.


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