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  • Jeremy Jeremy Jan 23, 2009 5:29 PM Flag

    Changes to Yahoo Baseball Site

    Hoping to get some input on some things that Yahoo should change with thier fantasy baseball site.

    I have used other fantasy league setups on multiple sites and Yahoo has by far surpassed anyone. It is so user friendly compared to sites such as CBS. Things are easy to find in Yahoo. But there are small things that I like a little bit more in other sites. These are things such as a lot more minor league players, the ability to freely setup your league stats, divisions, schedules, commissioner tools and playoff setups…

    Will Yahoo ever add more minor league players to the site? My hope is that all minor leaguers get added. CBS has a great example of this. I have heard rumors that Yahoo does this so they can hype articles about the players that will so be available.

    What is the logic for which yahoo chooses to make some minor league players available but some are not available?

    Will Yahoo ever have the option of minor league rosters? How about keeper league options? The commissioner tools are too limited in yahoo. I would like it if the commissioner had the ability to make stats retroactive. This could help clear up lineup issues that can pop up.

    Yahoo should let the commissioner have the ability to set up the playoffs however they want to. For example: splitting teams up into divisions, the winner of each division get the #1 and #2 spots in the playoffs then the last 4 playoffs spots are sorted out by whoever has the best record. If these few things were done then I think the Yahoo fantasy baseball site would be nearly flawless. Not to say that this site is still tops for me personally but I know other members of my league push for a switch to another fantasy baseball site because these are not options.

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    • i agree with beizboll, yahoo lacks any depth, and the hole interface looks very kiddie-ish. its a GREAT site for new-comers who want jump into a public league with standard stats and have a casual experience, but ultimately i think espn and cbs have surpassed it as far content and depth. my current money keeper league is on cbs, and after finally switching over to cbs, i was blown away by how much yahoo was actually selling us short all those years. EVERYTHING, including the actual interface on each owners home page is customizable. see what you want, hide what you dont. you can even write your own news story and post it as the current headline in your league, which makes for fantastically hilarious and original way to trash talk!! and their stat sorting and player pool depth is everything you could ever wish for. their live scoring system is tops too, updating everything in real-time and providing a chat box on the scoring page for instant trash talk while the stats are poppin up. i would recommend it to any serious fantasy players out there who own a deep competitive league. cbs is the ultimate customizable league.

      and hey, im not trying to knock yahoo, because as i said, its perfect for beginners and casual fantasy players, and it is easy to use. heck i join a couple public leagues every year just to practice drafting and different strategies. and i love the message boards, where the yahoo fantasy community can come together to throw questions and opinions around just like we are here. im just sayin, if you have a serious deep league, especially keeper (where keepin up on minor leaguers is a must), its time to leave yahoo and move on to bigger and better things. i doubt cbs could disappoint you.

    • If anyone knows how to get in touch with an actual employee of Yahoo who has some pull then I would really like to know.

    • I've long liked Yahoo! for their diverse fantasy offerings; but at this point they're a mile wide and an inch deep. ESPN is free, and offers way more customization.

    • There are many things on your list that Yahoo should do that I agree with. But that confuses me why you think it surpasses all other sites. Personally I think it's the worst of the 4 major sites when it comes to setting up a league.

      If you want a simple setup that redrafts every year, it's fine. But other than that, it leaves alot to be desired.

    • I also wish they would add more of the players. I finished 3rd in my league, and i wanted and wrote to Yahoo many times at the begining of the year last year about Jorge Cantu. I told everyone at the draft he was mine. Yahoo didnt get him on the site until the second week of the season. Cantu hit 2 homeruns that week that i did not get, and it was the differance in second and third place, and about $400 bucks. Cantu was believed to get the starting nod throughout spring training last year. I hope they fix problems like this in the future.

    • I agree with you in regards to prospects. Hopefully Yahoo's listening to their loyal customers.

    • hey, i would highly suggest using mlbdynastyproboards as a secondary site to yahoo.


      If you set it up right it can be amazing. Our league has run flawlessly. the board allows you to have standings, rosters, message boards. It really keeps the league in touch and keeps track of everything you want. It's 100% free and easy to use. Maybe something to explore. But we have been using it for a year now and it's been amazing. And nothing ever resets, it works forever, it's like your own little website. Check it out. it may change your league.

    • Max...lighten up with the avatar look! Chill out! I have a question for you and other of us Fantasy Freaks....WHat's the deal recently with this minor leaguer fascination? Who cares?!? I guess I'm too much for the present season and these minor leaguer 'prospect' lists are way beyond my comprehension...I would like someone to post comments about this newer trend...Thanks to all who respond...seeya!

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      • The fascination with the minor league players are only for the diehard keeper leagues. Like someone said before: it add just more dimensions. I mean you would still have the option of not allowing minor league players if that is your thing. The only thing that I am suggesting is that it would be nice to have the option. I (and the rest of my league) love the idea of making your fantasy baseball team similar to running a real major league franchise. By being able to have some type of minor league roster allows you to run your teams more like the big leagues… Plus I think it can be a exciting thing to be able to pick up some prospect and watch him grow to an all star MLB player. Or on the other hand you can watch your top prospect crash and burn. It would just add more.

        It’s never a bad thing to add new things and be innovative. It is a way to keep people interested and show that you are trying to think of the next big thing. Yahoo is big enough that they may not have to make these changes but I think if they don’t do something soon then they could start losing some customers.

      • It just adds a different dimension. Being able to control some of the prospects and trading them around just brings more excitement. I guess it just depends what kind of person you are and what you enjoy most about fantasy baseball, cause there are a ton of different routes you can take in what kind of leagues you want.

    • I also hope at some point that Yahoo adds divisions and keeper options for their free leagues like some of the other sites do. I hate doing ESPN leagues, and CBS is rather confusing and not very user friendly at all imo. I love Yahoo leagues, but I think it could add a few things as well like you said to make it superior in my mind. Good post.

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      • I want to second the idea of having keeper leagues on the free side. I've used the Yahoo service for years now and generally hate the formating on ESPN, CBS, etc. But doing a keeper league is something that my friends and I have discussed for years. I think that if Yahoo doesn't move to it soon we'll have to migrate somewhere where it's possible.

    • I hope they have a H2H one win system

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