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  • lauri_58801 lauri_58801 Jan 18, 2009 11:37 PM Flag

    how good or bad is this team

    eight position players kept four starters and two closers
    finished third last year have a much improved pitching staff last year finished last in era and whip please give me an idea if i can contend for first overall rate 1-12
    d lee
    travis snider
    ervin santana

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    • over-all, a decent batch of keepers. your outfield is light, as is lee at first base. id look to ship him out along with span for a bit more power. also make sure to draft joey devine, the guy who might end up with the closers job in oakland, making your boy ziegler worthless. i think your starting pitching is decent enough to be able to focus the first couple rounds in the draft on a better hitting outfielder or 2, like possibly nelson cruz, rick ankiel, guys like that who should still be available in those middle rounds of a 12 team draft. also try to grab whatever closers are still available to give you more trade bait to fill in whatever weaknesses you end up with after the draft. i'll give you a 9, with a good shot at contending, but very dependent on a smart draft

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      • thanksi forgot to mention its roto with holds and ops added so i will try to get devine but if i dont ziegler could still get some holds also i see alot of people dont like the OF and my lack of power but arod uggla ethier granderson and lee all hit atleast 20HR last year and im counting on about 20 from snider

        i think the offense is ok everbody besides uggla hits atleast .280
        span scored 70 runs in 400 at bats i do think lee is old and i am looking for a younger 1b thanks everybody

    • solid. a lot of young players with upside. plus you have the best player in the game. well rounded. i think you will be fine. 9.

    • Solid infield, but the rest of the team sux.

    • Well, A-Rod, D. Lee and Uggla can give you power. It's good that you have a good infield, because there are always good Free Agent outfielders who can fill in. The pitching isn't as strong as you may think.

      Ervin Santana has to do what he did for the first time in his life... a second time. Liriano is good and Scherzer has promise but i dont know if Danks or Ziegler are keepers. Ziegler might even be splitting time at Closer or could possibly lose his job.

      You get a 6/12.. sorry

    • Since pitching is all you have, you have nothing to trade. Other than AROD, you have no power. Uggla will tease you with a few homers enroute to hitting .223 and leading the league in strikeouts. Mauer is ok but no power. You might steal some bases but other than that you suck offensively. Package AROD and one of your speed players for 4 offensive guys that can help you with the bat. Punt Uggla as fast as you can.

    • how many teams are in the league

    • you are right. piching slould be a strong contributer for you in 09.

    • i think you might be a little better than that. i'll give ya a 7.5

    • you have maybe a 500 team ill give it a 4.5/12


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