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  • Matthew Matthew Jan 16, 2009 6:36 PM Flag

    Draft Question>

    Ok this is my 2nd year playing yahoo baseball, my 1st year i did decent, but i kinda rushed my draft. So i have a question for all u Vets...

    During a draft which do u pick 1st? Pitcher or Batter?? or does it not matter..?
    I think last year i picked Pitching..

    Any help?

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    • depends on the overall value in the future rounds. last year, there was a lot of pitching depth available in rounds 8-12. i didn't take a pitcher til rd 9 and still ended up with a solid staff. 5x5 roto, my batters almost swept and my pitching was above average. good for a championship.

    • Personally i always go with a batter. With your first 2-3 picks you want to draft guarantees. These are guys that have produced solid #s year in and year, guys like Wright, Pujols, Howard, Rodriguez. With these guys you know what you are gonna get and with pitchers, you just quite never know. Two years ago i drafted Jake peavy to lead my staff, that year he finished wiht an ERA over 4 and was a complete bust. Thats just an example Im not syaing thats gonna happen again to every pitcher but a similar example is Beckett. Pitchers seem to come out of no where more then hitter, like Johnny Cueto from Cincy last year. Its up to you really and really the draft sets your stage for the season but if you manage your team well during the season you can beat people who had better drafts. Best of luck

    • i never take a pitcher before the 4th rd....

    • if this is a H2H league, and no rules on adding players, don;t take a pitcher until at least round 7. Absolutely no question about that.

    • "heed to fallow" ? Does that have something to do with farming? I know nothing of seed propagation; so sorry.

    • I will fallow. The rest should follow.....

    • Hey TwinsFan,

      In the 1st pick you want to draft the best available player and depending on where they rank this could be either a position player or pitcher. 9 times out of 10 this will be a position player. After that people think they have the perfect system, but there really is no system in drafting. The best advice I was given after reading up on countless drafting strategies is to really go with the flow of the draft, staying with where each player ranks giving you most potential value. The only thing they do not bring is injuries that may occur in the year and those players that have a break out year.

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      • This will depend entirely on # of teams and draft position. If i get a top 6 pick in a draft of 1-14 players, I most definitely would get a position player, that is a 5 tool player or a 4 tool player, leading the league in one of those tools.

        In a deep league of 12+ players I would say that it's ok to look at SP if your pick is 10 or after. Dominant SP is a huge plus in baseball.

        Personally I would look to solidify a specific stat with my first 2 picks in a draft (HR, SB are easiest) Get two players that excel in a specific area and build your team around them.

      • Thanks for the advice! Ill have to set some leagues up and see what pick i get also.

    • Hey some peoples strategies are to draft strong pitching and have like 4 aces and surround them with hitters that just score runs and steal bases all the time

      so sometimes drafting pitching early if u have a gameplan isint that bad

      go best hitter available in first couple rounds then build

    • Anyone know when baseball opens? When can leagues be created??

    • Jeez, they've offered a lot of bad information.

      Take the best player available with your first pick. And that will be a difficult decision for several reasons.

      1) The best starting pitchers are always the most valuable players.

      2) From year to year the best starting pitchers swing all over the place (compare Cliff Lee and Ervin Santana's 2007 and 2008 stats and dollar values). Sometimes they get hurt and prove to be worthless in the year you drafted them. See John Smoltz in 2008.

      3) The best hitters are impacted by their lineups, and they have an occasional bad year too. However, they get hurt less often than pitchers, but it can happen.

      4) Positional scarcity either exists or it doesn't. It exists (find 12 decent fantasy 1Bs and 12 comparable Catchers). But it doesn't (a HR, a RBI, and a SB all count the same, regardless of which position earns them). You have to figure out that conundrum, and when you do, please e-mail me.

      Most of us value bats a little higher than arms. But if you have the 12th pick in your 12 team draft, and you want J Santana, go for it. Draft him. If he wins 20 and has an ERA of 2.85 and a WHIP of 1.11 with 200 K's in 210 innings, he's probably the most valuable guy in all of roto.

      On the other hand, Ben Sheets could have that same season. But there's no need to take Ben until maybe Round 6 because we all think his chances of making over 30 starts are pretty much the same as yours are of scoring with oh, let's make this possible, Britney Spears.

      In other words, pick people a round or a few pick before the other goons in your league seem likely to take them. If you know that, you probably should focus on economic endeavors other than roto. But what they hey, I'm just painting a path to roto success.

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