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  • 2 to 4 weeks, but take your time, Grasshopper.

    The leagues that fill up first are full of sharks and scorpions. Wait two or three weeks and you will have an equal number of sharks, scorpions, guppies, and doodlebugs. Those are the league in which one learns how to play Fantasy Baseball.

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    • hahaha thanks
      Well im trying to set up 4 league in which i am comish of all.
      So i was gonna start 1 league early then wait a while setting up the others, but thanks for the advice.

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      • Grasshopper, we should all play a public league every year.

        If you win your public league, don't think that it validates your strategies. It could be that you were in a league with dunces.

        If you win, you will get to play in a Yahoo Winners League in 2010. Win that, and you can begin to suspect that your strategies have been validated (but are still far from proven right).

        If you get clobbered in your public league, you realize that there is so much more to learn.

        In either case you will likely meet players that you can recruit for your private leagues in 2010. Questionnaires are good, but a track record is twice as good.

        Go forth and find your fate, Grasshopper!


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