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  • Soda Soda Jan 16, 2009 4:06 PM Flag

    *Competitive Managers Needed,new thread*

    Hey im lookin for some competitive baseball managers to join into a 20 team public league im setting up in '09...im looking for some good competitive managers that stay up on theyre sqauds n fight till the final pitch of the season...

    The league would be a 20 team league in public '09 one,but id like to find 10 competitive managers outta the 20 to join our private league in 2010 and reset our draft...?

    What im doing is me n buddies cleaned out the lame managers in our 08 season that didnt stay up on theyre team all year n doing a small private 10 team keeper off it in '09...(weak)

    Head to Head,Full good stats(not totally sure on all them yet cause im sure yahoo will change it up slightly,but only realistic stats not the nonsense ones they option,we are hardcore BASEBALL fans),Live Draft,posistions;
    1B,2B,3B,SS,C,OF,OF,OF,DH(maybe to shake things up instead of 3 OF's LF,CF,RF....
    Full 25 man Roster(but still can only slot 9 batters a day)
    bench players in ur dugout,for back ups on the days your starter is off or outta lineup...
    5 SP's and 5 bull pen spots for closers n setup men(saves n holds)
    5 DL options (cause you jus never know what kind of shananagans are gonna go down on the allstar break,diving in pools n shit)lol,Barton!!
    Live Draft*
    Snake Draft

    Have big list of invitees,but im looking for the best of the best,Let me know if your interested?

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