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  • cheeze cheeze Jan 27, 2009 7:11 AM Flag

    If you got to keep 3 for 2009, which would you keep????

    You got to keep your hitters. SP just is not the same value as hitting. Johan and Hamels are great SP (good enough that you should explore trading them for a pick).

    A-Rod is a top 3 fantasy player (has the case for #1 overall, Hanley and Pujolus are the only others). He is a MUST keep.

    Tex is a stud. Pinstripes and the new stadium will treat him well. Hes ready for the spotlight, and A-Rods protection and the power packed lineup hes in will only boost RBI's and Runs. Its hard not to keep him.

    Matt Holliday has been one of the best OF for a few years, but now hes in OAK. I believe he will produce, but hes too risky to keep (with the other options you have).

    Kinsler is a freaking beast. Hes highly underrated, yup underrated as a 2nd rd pick in most leagues. The runs will be over 100, the power is ther, just a great, consistent player. Injury last season is the only downfall, hes young and will rebound perfectly.

    Longoria would be a sure keeper if you didn't have A-Rod, but the truth is you can fill other positions (even thou hed be your Util.). You just need to deside if hes so good that you can hold 2 3B. Its a tough call.

    Johan and Hamels- Both top 5 SP, both have cases to be 1 2 or 3 overall. BUT your hitters are just too good, and the 09 Draft class offers wayy more SP than hitters, especially IF's.

    A-Rod and Kinsler are your first too. A-Rod can be the fantasy MVP (only time will tell) and Kinsler (w/ Utley iffy for the first few months) will probably be (Ped will contend) the most valuable 2B in the game.

    So, your left with Tex, Longoria and Holliday.
    Tex is my choice, but a strong case can be made for the other two. Im really basing it on position and their historys. Holliday is a questionable hitter outside coors and obvisouly hes in Oakland now, and Longoria is just so young, and hes bound to hit 09 roadblocks. Tex is the most proven, and at the end of the year hes balences out his stats nicely. NY will serve him well.

    A-Rod, Kinsler, Teixeria

    -To the guy who said Jeter, I want what your on, b/c that stuff must really mess w/ your head.

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