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  • earl earl Jan 11, 2009 10:48 PM Flag

    If you got to keep 3 for 2009, which would you keep????

    Kinsler, for sure. Just too good and young for a thin position. I'd keep one other big bat, probably arod, maybe teixeira. I don't like holliday as much since the trade to oakland.

    Then it's tricky... um, i lean towards felix hernandez, as he's so young and so good, and the mariners now have a competent gm that is going to start surrounding him with young talent, so eventually he'll start putting up some wins. As he's what, 22 now, his ratios are going start getting better as he hopefully is getting more experience, and stronger.

    but how can one pass up on johan santana? Last year was a down year for that guy, and the mets might actually preserve some of his starts with their revamped bullpen.... what you'd lose in youth in felix, you'd gain in quality....

    so ask yourself how long this league will go on. If it's going to be around for ten years or so, keep kinsler, teix, and felix. But if it's only going to exist for a couple years, or you want assured victory now, it's kinsler, arod, and johan... least thats what i think...


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