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  • Ryan Ryan Jan 4, 2009 7:24 PM Flag

    ? about the Yankees...

    I am a Red Sox fan to start. The Yankees honestly will be amazing as they are most years. Jirardi is nothing special granted. But Joe Torre did have Rivera, Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, Abreu, Mussina, Clemens on his roster at one point and they had rough years. This year they did the Yankee thing that pisses everyother team and their fans off, they bought their team. The Red Sox and Rays grew their teams and made gambles. There is one big difference Sabathia and Teixeira are no gambles. Burnett has Pavano written all over it though. They will be good, make the play-offs, and will potentially leave the Rays out of the play-offs after being in the world series and the Red Sox recently winning 2 of them.

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    • CC is not as good as everyone thinks..Run his stats..He has had 1.5 maybe 2 good years. You cant take what he did in the NL all that serious hell, Matt Clement had a few nice season back in the day! You can add another run plus to CC's era next year. He'll win, but it wont be as pretty as it was in the NL. Burnett will certainly be a bust and hard to say where Tex will end up..like the other 2 free agents, he has never dealt with NY and all the crap they have to put up with 24/7.

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      • If CC's era goes up by a run a game most teams would take a 3.50 era especially with our lineup which will average more than 4 a game so that seems like a lot of wins to me. Burnett got 18 wins in the AL east when he had to face the yankees 5 times the schedule will no doubt be easier when you replace the yankees with the blue jays on your schedule. And about Tex he has been with texas, atlanta, and the angels and he has hit everywhere hes been I dont think his hitting will be a big problem not to mention the huge upgrade that he gives us defensively. So with that said our additions make a lot more sense than a yankee hating red sox fan would like to admit!

      • i can't believe that you compared matt clament to cc. that is kind of a joke. burnett can not be anymore of a bust than pavano besides he is younger and has more upside than lowe. n with tex comin to the yanks even though he has been a slow starter he will be a big upgrade at first so his defense will keep people happy for the time being. n here is some tought andruw jones playin center for the yanks. since la did some work on his contract the yanks wouldnt have to give up much for him (Gardner/Cabrera) n he can hit 7 or 8 wit no pressure on him. n they can dump him after the yr if he doesnt produce. either way austin jackson should be ready in 2010


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