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  • Ryan Ryan Jan 4, 2009 7:41 PM Flag

    ? about the Yankees...

    Varitek is no help now. I takes more runs off the board by killing rallies then he helps a rotation with 3 potential all-stars and 2 potential all-stars in the bullpen (Papelbon and Okajima or Masterson). Some does have to make outs for a game to end I guess. But Bard can hit, has youth, and most importantly without Kevin Cash has experience with Wakefield and other members of the staff. Without a healthy Posada the Yankees will probably win with offense 15-12 every game and Rivera with 70 saves, which could happen I admit, would burn out with his age. The saddest part is that I will still draft him for my team. Real play-offs don't matter in fantasy.

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    • Bard was out a few years back because he had such a hard time with Wakefield not that Wakefield is they key this year because he is not. Posada was never a good defensive catcher and was only valuable for his offence. Rivera never came close to the numbers you indicated and will not this or any year. Varitek is only valuable for his game calling and whatever he gives as offence is a bonus. If the sox dont pay him for those reason someone else will.


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