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  • The MFN Ringer The MFN Ringer Jan 3, 2009 7:16 PM Flag

    ? about the Yankees...

    Correct they chopped off close to 90 million subtracting many spots on their roster..They filled three spots for for close to 60 million so far..Pettit, another 10 - 15 if he signs, Manny, another 15-20 if he signs..oopps there is your 90 million smart A$$ and they still have pitching spots to fill and DH/OF and bench. More than likely they will exceed the 226 million they spent last year and come close to 240. That will be nearly 80 - 100 million more than any other team like it has been for the last 10 years. Keep spending sooner or later they'll figure it out that its not about buying theb best players its about finding the hungry players.

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    • sorry, but they did not have the highest payroll last season,

      dh/of they have guys like nady, damon, cabrera, swisher, and matsui.

      rotation is sabathia, burnett, wang, joba, hughes, kennedy.

      4 #1 starters and there #5 would be a #2 starter on any other team in the majors.

      sorry but you need to get your facts straight before you start calling people names

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      • Ok you need to watch the news or espn or read a paper buddy..no one came close to the yanks payroll last year or for the last 8 for that matter. Hughes and Kennedy have not secured spots as starters swisher and cabrera are bench / bums and you cant have all OF as your bench. You need infielders as well.

        Unless your mom is watching you type, dont worry about the name calling little guy!

    • they are mot likely to sign manny and we need the one pitching spot which would probably be pettite for 10 million putting us still 15 million short of last year.

    • Oufield (Damon LF/CF, Swisher CF/RF (most likely), Matsui RF/ LF, Cabrera (all OF bench, good on denfense) Manny + Yankees = You wish. He is my favorite right handed hitters of all time and he better not sign with the Yankees after costing the Red Sox with less than half a season left of his contract.


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